As we all know that McDonald’s has long been one of the favourite fast-food restaurants in all around the world and same with Burger King, which ranked 2nd position in the fast-food chainsThey both provide delicious foods and also have a large selection of the menu include burger, chicken, sandwiches, wraps, salads and much more.

But, visit at one place has only been something bored and there’s should be a change in a life so that it goes on flawlessly with fun.

So, here we are discussing about the burgers of Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC.

BurgerGenerally, people prefer to go McDonald’s, because, wherever they go they find McD close to them. But, once in a while everyone wants a change and that’s where Wendy’s comes in. Though Wendy’s price tends to slightly higher than other fast-food restaurants, but somewhere, it offers the large selection menu with greater quality than other fast-food chains, which are palatable to taste.

The starting price range of burgers of McDonald’s and KFC are from INR 25-35, whereas Burger King burgers start from INR 35. And, now talking about Wendy’s burger price, it starts from INR 59. We know that it’s a bit higher, but here you get served with a quality burger. Recently, Wendy’s entered in India with its first outlet, opened in Gurgaon and also with its motto that “Quality is our Recipe” to ensure the customers safety regarding foods.

According to me, everyone wants healthier food with good quality and it’s not possible to get this type of food at low price, you have to pay more for it and I know that you won’t mind to footing for it as health is more precious than wealth!! 🙂 So, if you’re looking something a bit different, give Wendy’s try at once and we assure you that you’ll be definitely impressed with the good quality of Wendy’s burger.