According to me, the cafe is one of the best spots, where you can revive your energy by generating new thoughts for your next trip over a cup of coffee☕️. Undoubtedly, Dehradun is a place, where thousands of tourists visit every year to spend their vacations. And, during this time period, they want to collect an amazing experience of the city. So today, we are going to tell you about the cafes in Dehradun that will change your average cafe experience.

With a homely feeling, an inviting milieu and a place, where you would look forward to spending hours. These cafes in the city have taken their ambience to a whole new level. In short, they are not just for dining in, but are impeccable spots where aesthetics meets good food. Therefore, scroll down to know them one by one and enjoy as much as you can!!

Try out these 8 tranquil cafes to make your Dehradun trip memorable:

Cafe Headquarters


If you’re seeking a cozy place to relax and loosen up, then Cafe Headquarters is the right place that makes your whole day awesome. It’s featured with a warm and comfortable seating, tasteful music? and great snacks. Apart from all these things, their food is concerned, they have Pizzas?, Sandwiches, Spring Rolls, Pastas and various other snacks to satiate your cravings.

First Gear Cafe


The first lovely thing of this cafe that it’s situated on a hilltop, therefore it’s a hideout place for the lovers. Throwing light on the interior, which is a mixture of wooden furnishings, brick walls, and creative decorative pieces. The main highlight of this cafe is the breathtakingly beautiful view of nature from the balcony, here, recommended dishes are Spring Rolls and Manchurian.

Chhaya Cafe


It’s really a delight to visit this wonderful cafe as you can spend hours relishing your supper over a chit chat or simply enjoying the mesmerizing view of the hills. However, what’s commendable is that the Cafe employs and trains women? in baking and cooking.

Cafe Marigold


It’s situated far away from the main city, where the ambience and the aura of this cafe remind you of the life before modernization. It’s featured with the brick walls, the hut-like structure, and a location that’s nature-bound make it an ultimate retreat from the urban life. The most recommended dishes are Bruschetta, Soupy Momos, and Thukpa.

Cafe Cibo


If you’re crazy for the Italian cuisine, then this cafe will cater to your taste buds with their authentic Italian treats. Moving to its ambience, the lush outdoors creates a wonderful environment to sit and relax, while the indoors are appealing to the senses.



The perfect color combination of blue and white with flora all around will give you the feeling of happiness. It’s a right place to visit with your loved ones or all alone reading a novel and soaking in the tranquility. Here you can enjoy the scrumptious dishes, such as Mustard Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Footlongs and much more.

Sunburn Bistro


Those, who just want music, while enjoying their meal, then the ambiance of this cafe-cum-restaurant will attract you right away. The walls are brimmed with the posters of yesteryear stars and noble personalities. They have everything to offer from North Indian cuisine to Chinese to Continental.

Y Cafe


The homely atmosphere, having white wooden furniture and the choice of cutlery- that’s what Y Cafe is about. Here, the walls display a collection of motivational quotes and both indoor and outdoor sitting are perfectly designed. For the foodies, they serve the yummiest of Italian pizzas, pastas and salads.