Our country is loaded with a number of book?lovers, who always searching for a comfortable, friendly space to unwind with a good book and freshly brewed coffee.☕️ Am I right? Whenever they think their real life is getting dreary, they flip open a book, start reading and voila! Now, they are many places for the bookworms that meet their expectation excellently, but still they do not visit there. In today’s post, we are going to introduce such types cafes that make you impress at your first visit.

Nowadays, book cafe has caught an all over India as it provides the right ambience to the book lovers over a cup or any other beverages and a bite to eat. Now, if you’re planning to revive your love for books, then we have got something exciting for you as the country got a plenty of pretty neat book cafes that are a must visit. Here they are.

List of some amazing book cafes in India, where you can unwind with friends:

Moon River Cafe, Delhi


A small tiny place having a gallery for all those bookworms, who want a classy yet comfortable space to curl up with a book on a lazy afternoon. With the amazing books, you can also enjoy delicious double-chocolate chip cookies on the select but tasteful menu.

Kunzum Travel Cafe, Delhi


When you enter this cafe, it will make you wonder as you go through with the bunch of travel books, travel photography. Along with these, you can connect with fellow travellers over a cup of coffee and exchange travel stories.

Cafe Fiction, Gangtok


As we know very well that Gangtok is popular for its natural beauty and this cafe is situated in the scenic surroundings of the city. It offers a homely ambience with a touch of serenity along with books on Sikkimese and Tibetan history. Here, you can dine on authentic Himalayan cuisine over cups of steaming Sikkimese Temi tea.

Books N Brew, Chandigarh


It’s a conceptual-based cafe with a warm, friendly atmosphere, laid-back decor, free WiFi and a pocket-friendly menu. Books N Brew is a hangout place with you buddies having a plate of hot Maggi. Book lovers can get your book along as they do not have a large collection.

Atta Galatta, Bangalore



This cafe reflects the culture of the city having books in regional languages and their English translations. It encourages all kinds of creative pursuits, from writing to painting to music. Here, you should try yummy cupcakes and cookies during your visit.

Illiterati, McLeodganj


Illiterati offers a huge collection of all kinds of books, great food and a breathtaking view of the Dhauladhar mountains. Grab a book, order a cup of piping hot masala chai and lose track of time as you soak in the sublime beauty of the place!

Literati, Goa


Constructed in a Portuguese-styled, Literati Bookshop & cafe is enclosed by the lush garden with the soothing ambience. Sit back and immerse yourself in the piles of good reads, as you sip some strong Karnataka coffee and eat on home-made sandwiches.

Book Cafe Ssong, Pune


An adorable little place where you can spend a quiet weekend afternoon reading your favourite books as you sip on creamy coffee. It is surrounded by the tasteful ambience, the soft relaxing music, cute Korean artefacts and a comfy, wooden floor seating arrangement upstairs creates just the right ambience for you to enjoy some quiet time by yourself.