Nowadays, Jaipur’s cafe culture is on its peak and Pink City has got so many hangout cafes to enjoy the moments spent. Whether it’s over a cup a coffee☕️, a proper meal or even a kitty or birthday party?- this spot has turned into a get-together hub for everyone. Apart from food and location, the main thing, which is being seen in these days are upcoming and flourishing creativity, whenever you enter the new cafe.

Last year, a bakery cum Italian cafe has opened in the city named as Cafe Lazy Mojo, which has currently become the talk of the town. As the name of this newbie sounds a little bit quirky, but the design and ambiance that has been created inside is eye-catching? that makes you crazy at the first visit, which I have myself experienced.


It’s a beautiful and spacious place, having a small open area, a common inside sitting and an isolated area for parties. These all things are separated, well distributed and creatively done with the classy & colorful interiors. Besides these, a chic music? plays in the background that gives you the complete feeling of relaxation.

Throwing light on its funky design of the menu card, it’s consist of a wide range of variety that will surely relish by you. While you are waiting for the dish to be served, you will find yourself too busy in reading the fun quotes on the walls and gazing at the meticulously done interiors. The inner walls have also given a touch with paintings of Hawa Mahal, Albert Hall Museum and sketches of our freedom fighters.


The menu includes some mouth-watering and luscious delicacies and drinks, out of which, I had regular Tea, Focaccia Veggies, Penne Alferdo and Margarita pizza?. All these dishes not only looked amazing in the appearance, but also gave lip-smacking flavours, especially the sandwich?that I have mentioned was superb. Overall, it was a memorable experience with my friends and I really wish to visit Cafe Lazy Mojo again, whenever to get a chance.

For more information, you can click on the link below:

Official Website: http://cafelazymojo.com/