Summer is knocking at the door and now it’s very necessary to boost up yourself with healthy and nutritious drinks. If you want to live a healthier life, then intake fruits and veggies as much as you can. Generally, it has been noticed that people prefer having smoothies and juices? instead of slicing the whole fruit? and eating it bit by bit, which is also somewhat good for the health. It will keep you cool and also give the energy to beat this season.

The Smoothie is a good way to have the kids get their greens and fruits without any objections. If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast smoothie to fill you up until lunchtime or a post-workout drink, then we have compiled a list for you. From green smoothies to delicious combinations, you won’t believe you’re sipping something healthy and nutritious.

Take a sip of these 8 easy and quick Smoothies anytime you want:

Blueberry-Orange Yoghurt Smoothie


As you know that both these fruits are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber. A glass of freshly squeezed juice provides you the same amount of nutrients found in the fresh fruits.

Banana Breakfast Smoothie


The potassium in bananas helps to keep your blood pressure levels down, while its vitamin B6 content helps maintain steady blood sugar levels.

Mango Smoothie


Like other oranges and deep yellow fruits, mangoes are exceptionally high in beta-carotene. This healthy fruit contains high fiber, which may also help induce feelings of fullness.

Berry-Flaxseed Smoothie


Flaxseed is loaded with fiber and packed with lignans, which assists to slow down tumor growth in women with breast cancer. Apart from all these, it also contains magnesium to help control blood sugar and omega-3 fatty acids to lower triglycerides and reduce inflammation.

Strawberry-Yoghurt Smoothie


To keep your body energized. Strawberries are powerhouses of healthy and immune-boosting nutrients. This smoothie is high in fiber, making them an excellent way to keep you filled with this healthy fruit smoothie from breakfast until lunch.

Raspberry-Beet Smoothie


This smoothie produces nitric acid, which helps to increase blood flow throughout your body. If you will drink a glass daily of this smoothie, then it will keep your body fit and fresh.