The festival of colors? (Holi) is coming in few days and we all are thinking about fun with family and friends having lots of delicious and traditional sweets and beverages. On this grand event, if you are planning or thinking about a party with your family and friends, you have to start your planning from now as a few days are left for this occasion. It will also help to ensure you and your guests to have a great time spent with each other.

As the fishes are incomplete without water, likewise all the mouthwatering dishes are incomplete without drinks. Drinks can add colors to your taste and also enhance your enjoyment on this great event, so we are excited to share some drinks which you and your guest will definitely  like.

Some traditional drinks for this Holi:

Sweet Lassi


One of the most popular beverages, which is liked not only in summer but always relished by everyone. The cardamom flavoured lassi which is delicious and mouthwatering and end a mild lunch with a full glass is so much satisfying to us.

Badam ka Sharbat


At the first time in hearing the name of this drink, the mouth gets filled with water. The most nutritious drink having fragrant flavours of cardamoms, almonds and kewda which is loved by everyone.

Lime juice


Want to get refreshed during hot days? Then, drink lime juice that quenches a thirst well. It is a natural drink, which is very beneficial for health and best in summer days.



It is a very famous and traditional drink during the festival of Holi that is prepared with dry fruits and saffron flavoured milk and generally mixed with bhang to make an intoxicating drink.



The daily beverages for every home and it almost get drunk by everyone as India is the second largest producer of tea in the world after China. A cup of tea/coffee provides refreshment and gives energy, so that we can easily work according to our schedule.



Without bhang, Holi is incomplete as it is the traditional beverage of this special occasion. It is prepared with squashing the buds and leaves of cannabis into a green paste.

Final Words:

These are the drinks, which are specially prepared in Holi and most of us like to have these beverages at special occasion. Many more Holi dishes and drinks are also there but, it is not possible to mention in one list, so you can search on internet also or we will find a way to share them with you.