Healthy Summer Drinks

As summers have started flaunting their scary side already, we wonder up to what extent it would ravage our lives in the forthcoming days. With the enhancement of hotness and humidity each day, it is extremely important to balance our diet and drink nutritious summer drinks to keep the body nutrients in the healthy range.

Non-alcoholic summer beverages are considered extremely good for the health during warm days as they balance the dehydration when the human body senses the thirst. These drinks should not carry many calories of sugar and soda because they are the ‘new tobaccos’ nowadays. Instead, go for some fresh natural fruit splash liquids. Here we are with 7 such thirst-quenching alternatives that will make you stay fit in these hot summer days.

7 Non-Alcoholic Hot Summer Drinks

1. Fruity Iced Tea

fruit iced tea

Refresh yourself with the fruity iced tea incorporating mint leaves, a bit of sugar, and rich flavours of fruit juice. Moreover, the spicy ginger or lemon will also set a tangy twist to your drink and make it more delightful.

2. Cucumber Mint Spritzer

cucumber mint spritzer

Add fizz in this sweltering summer with this light cucumber mint spritzer incorporating club soda, cucumber slices, fresh mint and agave syrup as the key ingredients. This no-calorie mocktail is an ultra-healthy drink that will lower the sugar content.

3. Sweeter Lemonade

sweet lemonade

This beloved drink always comes in one’s mind during the hot, summer days. Its classic sweet and sour taste will chill out your body and makes you energetic. With only 2 pounds of sweet apples and a few tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice is all you need to make the lemonade and cool down the temperature.

4. Tart Cheery Stomp

tart cherry stomp

Bored with sweet beverages all the time? This is what you need here. The tangy flavoured Tart Cheery Stomp vitalizes your throat with the sour taste of cherries, sweet-tart apples and freshly squeezed lemon juice. The liquid has got an extra point due to its high antioxidants levels.

5. Raspberry-lemon Mojito

raspberry lemon mojito

Adding mint to a drink is always a good idea. The lemon-raspberry along with the mint makes a perfect duo for the summers. It tastes double yummy plus beneficial for the health as well. A chilled raspberry-lemon mojito keeps your body energetic and dynamic for the full day.

6. Orange Rosemary Cooler

rosemary orange cooler

Sounds something interesting, isn’t it? Relish your flavour with the adult combination of Rosemary and cinnamon and enjoy something different. Extremely delightful in taste, the Orange Rosemary Cooler is the best option for your cool summer parties.

7. Kiwi-Strawberry Blitz

kiwi strawberry blitz

A cup of juice comprising the muscle-building aminos, strawberries, kiwi, lemon juice and ice perfectly make the beverage delicious and retain the nutritions of your body. One of the most considered drinks for this season, the Blitz keeps you fit and healthy.