Tea is one of the most important elements in almost everyone’s life. A few people are so much addicted to it that, they can’t start their work without it. A cup of tea restores emotional wounds, reduces sickness and makes cold weather more bearable. And, it has been observed that with a cup of tea makes a person happy.

It is believed that tea contains many beneficial antioxidants that help to fight cancer, increase the immune system, mental alertness and one of the best advantages during exam time that it can’t help you sleep. In short, a cup of tea makes your day perfect and delightful. There are so many types of  this healthy drink and out of them, a few are those, which you have not heard before. Each one has their own appearance, aroma, and taste. So today, we are coming up with different tea types, try all these once and decide, which one you like most.

Following are the different types of tea, that helps you in refreshing your day:

Ginger Tea


Water + tea leaves + milk + grated ginger + sugar.

Black Tea


Water + 1 tsp of black tea leaves

Green Tea


1.5 tsp of green tea powder + water + sugar or honey to taste

White Tea


Hot water + 2 tsp of white tea per cup

Masala Tea


1 tsp of tea + 3 pieces if cinnamon (dalcheeni) + 2 inches of fresh ginger + 2 cloves + 1.5 cup of milk + 1.5 cup of water + 1 tbsp of sugar

Iced tea


 Tea bags of normal tea + 1 medium lemon or orange + water + ice

Lemon Tea


Water + tea powder + lemon juice + sugar

Herbal Tea


Water + tea leaves + cardamon powder + ginger + mint leaves + lemon grass + basil leaves