Hotels have always come up with innovative ideas to attract customers to earn profits. One such hotel is Conrad Maldives located in Rangali Island. This hotel introduced the world’s first underwater restaurant back in 2005. This restaurant is named ‘Ithaa’ which means ‘mother of pearl’ in Maldivian language. In 2014, it was awarded with the title of “the world’s most beautiful restaurants” by New York Daily News. M.J. Murphy Ltd, which is a design consultancy based in New Zealand has designed this masterpiece. This consultancy is especially known for its large aquarium works.

According to the General Manager Carsten Schieck:

“It seemed the perfect idea to build a restaurant where diners can experience fine cuisine and take time to enjoy the views without ever getting their feet wet.”

Unique Interior of Ithaa

The entry of the restaurant is marked by a hut-like structure with thatched roofs. After you enter this hut, you are led to a spiral shaped staircase. Having stepped down the stairs, there is an all-glass ambience much like a tunnel, with curved roofs offering a marvellous view of the underwater world. The ceiling as well as the walls are fully transparent and you can see turtles, sharks and stingrays swimming all around you. This panoramic view offering a lifetime experience is simply breathtaking. However, the place can accommodate only 14 customers at a time because of the limited space.

Menu of Ithaa

The menu offered in this restaurant contains a mixture of Maldivian and international dishes like:

  • Yellow Fin Tuna with Lemon Grass and Sumac Dipping Sauce
  • Angus Beef with Truffles
  • King Fish with Kataifi Langoustines

The dessert delights mentioned in the menu card includes:

  • Chocolate Fig Dariole
  • Mascarpone infused with Lemon Grass Espuma Cream
  • Macaroon stuffed with Mangoes and Berries
  • Lime and Limoncello Custard

With such a unique and wonderful ambience, Ithaa is surely one of the most attractive places on earth. It has established itself as an iconic and popular restaurant and making people go crazy for it.