Whenever, we get bored with our daily meal, prefer a good restaurant for the dinner, where you get a delectable food and luscious drinks with the soothing and comfortable ambiance. But, have you ever wondered about taking a meal with the ghosts? Yes, here we are talking about the T’Spookhyus-the world’s spookiest restaurant (used to be), also known as the “House of 1,000 Ghosts”, brimmed with the lots of scary things, which definitely frightened the customers.

The T’Spookhyus Restaurant was designed in such a way that customers can easily experience the horror of this haunted mansion. It was situated in the city of Turnhout, Belgium and was founded by Mr. Karl Hendrix and Mr. Bjorn Leys. The door of the restaurant was opened on 1st October 1997 and the interior of it was quite shocking for the customers as surrounded by creepy decorations, squeaky doors, smoke coming down from the ceiling, moving paintings and other special effects. The moment when it was started, a very few people were familiar about it, but gradually, everyone wanted to “dine in hell”.


Moving on, its menu, mud pie, and spicy worms were served in a skull-shaped bowls by waiters, who used to be dress up as vampires and devil worshipers. You must be thinking that having all these things, the people did not visit again at this restaurant, but this incredibly spooky atmosphere brought in more curious clients. Even the satanic rituals, which was performed here on the upper floor of the restaurant didn’t scare anyone.


But, due to some circumstances, in 2008, the owner of this unusual restaurant decided to shut down and opened a new club in the city of Zandhoven. And, for the urban explorers, T’Spookhyus is still the same and allowing them to explore and take images of what used to be probably the spookiest restaurant in the world. According to the owner, the reason for shutting down the restaurant is that, there are dozens of stories of ghost and tormented spirits living in the abandoned restaurant, that’s why he decided to close it, but till now, no ghost has been watched here.