Want to enjoy your steak over a Volcano? As, we are introducing a restaurant that uses a volcano for cooking the food- El Diablo Restaurant, where actually chefs grill the food over an active volcano. And, according to me, this would be the most amazing experience for those, who are really gourmand.  A volcano might not be the most conventional way to cook food, but at this restaurant, it’s very normal. This unique restaurant situated on a Spanish island called Lanzarote, northwest of Morocco and here the chefs have rights to use volcano of their own.


Obviously, it’s not like a lava-spewing mountain, because if it happens, then it would be dangerous. This volcano is simply a hole in the ground, via which heat erupts from the deep of the earth and this heat is exactly used for cooking the food. Initially, before the existence of it, the visitors to the volcanic area were served with a plate of sardines and a wine. In 1970, Cesar Manrique decided to build a formal restaurant in this area. So, by taking the help of architectures Eduardo Carceres and Jesus Soto, a huge grill was established on the ground that makes use of the immense heat below the Earth’s surface.



And, this way, the El Diablo Restaurant was found. Of course, the construction was not easy, because the heat just beneath the surface, it means the digging foundation was difficult. So doing this, they set down nine layers of Basalt rock to provide such type of structure. Here, the best and distinct thing is only the food that entice the visitors. Many people also visit here, due to the stunning surroundings and vistas that it provides.


Albeit, the landscaped of the island is barren, but it gives look amazing and during sunset, when the fading sun rays create magnificent effects over the sands of the volcanoes. The restaurant is open only on Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm at a cost of 50 Euros, where you can enjoy the surroundings, a three course meal and a transportation to and from your hotel.