From now, Nestle India’s new MD Suresh Narayanan has only one target to bring “Maggi” back into the Indian market. With the ban of it from the country is also affecting the sales of the other products of the company so it has become a top priority to bring it back. Mr. Narayanan said,

“Bringing the instant noodles brand back to the market is his top priority as he sought to strike a conciliatory note with authorities. The company has also identified other categories and looking at opportunities of introducing new products to overcome the challenge that has resulted in the company recording its first quartley loss in over three decades”.

Mr. Naryanan and his colleagues seeking cooperation from the authorities as Nestle is a very important part of the country and for the last 100 years, the company respecting the rules and the law of the land. However, he declined on how soon Maggi will be back in the market as it has been banned by central food safety regulator FSSAI.

Due to Ban on Maggi by the FSSAI, the company had to withdraw its popular instant noodles brand. But, now the company has challenged to the FSSAI’s report found at the Bombay High Court. The company is still striving to end the ban on Maggi and now discussing with the authorities on the closure date.

Nestle India is now ready for the fresh testing of the Maggi, but this time it will be conducted by the reputed scientists. He said that,

“The company will be enhancing partnership, efficiencies, responses and responsiveness of the organization and is part of the responsibility he is taking on”.