McDonald's New Restaurant

McDonald’s is making an entry to the state Andhra Pradesh by launching its first ever restaurant in the city, Nellore. The master franchisee of McDonald’s in India, Westlife Development Limited has informed about the same to BSE via its subsidiary Hardcastle Restaurants.

“We are excited to introduce the Golden Arches with our first restaurant in Nellore. At McDonald’s, we endeavor to delight our customers with a variety of range wholesome offerings in lunch and dinner. Our efficient model of supply chain sources 98% of ingredients locally. Quality, service, cleanliness and value form the unique value proposition which reflects in our food and hospitality,” said Gerald Dias, director, McDonald’s India- business operations, south.

Westlife Development via the help of its subsidiary Hardcastle Restaurants (HRPL) is trying to put and operate Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) in the country. This famous McDonald’s franchise is giving services in west and south markets in India since 1996. McDonald’s is trying to expand its business in India and this attempt will take them closer to reach the goal.

HPRL presently covers over 30 states in India including Telangana, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. Serving across 185 million customers as per the latest reports up to March 31, 2016, the franchisee has directly employed over 7500 employees.