Nestle Maggie Hot Heads Noodles

No one can deny that the arrival of Maggie Noodles again in last November was a big treat for the young crowd. People love noshing this food when they have to fill up their tummy instantly and secondly, it is pleasurable as well. When the samples of instant noodles were found with a high amount of monosodium glumate and lead, many of the hearts were broken literally. The company has got a clean chit from the apex court after struggling for five months. To win back its customers, the company is planning to launch fresh flavors of maggie hot heads to serve something new to the taste buds.

The PTI reports suggest that Nestle India has a total of 55.5 % instant noodle market share in the country “However, financially it could take a few more quarters to fully overcome the Rs 500-crore hit it took because of the ban last year.”

The major reason for boosting up their pace is to compete with the prominent rivals like Patanjali and ITC that are moving ahead with extra zeal.

With the introduction of ‘Hot Heads’, Nestle India wants the audience to endeavour the taste of four instant noodle varieties. The leading web portal is portraying the same info as well, affirms the company’s chairman, Suresh Narayanan. So, Maggie Hot Heads is now having 9 variants in total in which the classic masala, tomato, chicken, atta noodles, oats noodles were already there and the peri peri, barbeque pepper, chilli chicken and green chilli are going to be the new add ups.

“We have weathered the storm, although we still have two cases pending in the court. Now it is the time to ride the wave. There are about 20-25 product launches, some of them have happened, some are happening and some will happen in four to six weeks’ time. This is probably the single largest window of new product launches in a long time”, said, Narayanan to PTI.