Variety is the spice of life. For food lovers, variety is what makes them happy all the time. Alike the unusual cuisines, what if we have something different with our Indian restaurants and cafes as well. Foodies always hunt for the new and unusual avenues to make their meal more interesting.

Today’s youth prefer weird places to hang out with their friends? & special someone’s❤️ and without a doubt, they really have to work hard for finding the same. Here we’ll let you traverse a couple of similar weird Indian restaurants and cafes that you must try out at least once. They really got something very interesting in their style and interiors that promptly grabs the eye-balls over them. Have a look over these.

7 Weird restaurants and cafes in India

Cross Cafe, Mumbai- Decor takes inspiration from Nazi propaganda

Cross Cafe


The themed restaurant located at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai was previously called ‘Hitler’s Cross’ restaurant’. However, after facing controversies regarding its name, Puneet Sablok, Owner of the eatery, re-framed it removing Hitler from the title and entitled it as Cross Cafe. In summary, the whole issue was that the Jewish organisations across the world considered this thing as a false interpretation and resultantly, the eating place started getting the wrath of those people. The Cross Cafe now have multi-colored rings replacing the swastikas. The interiors are decorated in red, white and black taking inspiration from the Nazi party.

Hijackk Cafe, Ahmedabad- Offering the food while traversing the city

Hijackk Cafe

The Hijackk cafe in the one of the core cities of Gujarat, Ahmedabad has been initiated by the venture- Moistclay media. Established in a giant double-decker bus, the unique idea of this cafe is to take customers for a tour of the city while they are enjoying their food. Though, the title has got a lot of criticism from the audience as it includes ‘Hijack’ in it. Nevertheless, the idea is entirely unique with an unusual tag line- “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

Taste of Darkness, Hyderabad- Darkness is all you have while enjoying food

Taste of Darkness

Isn’t it sounds something weird that there’s all black around you during your meal. The Taste of Darkness makes you feel that experience. One can’t feel the aura of the place at all as it is entirely covered by absolute darkness. Besides, there is a shaking bridge and the park to boost up the experience.

Veli Lake Floating Restaurant, Trivandrum- Cherish your food amidst a lake

Veli Floating Lake Restaurant

Kerala is already having a lot in its case and having a floating restaurant in the list is like a cherry on the cake?. Its beauty is like mesmerizing. The entire Veli has been established in the middle of the lake and the floating restaurant comprises its part. For reaching the restaurant, one has to cross the floating bridges.

The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai- where prices of drinks rise and fall as per the demand

bar stock exchange

The Bar Stock Exchange is one of the cool hangout places at Mumbai where prices of drinks are set according to its popularity just like the stock market. If a drink is in more demand, it will cost more and vice-versa.

Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai- Feel like eating in jail

Kaidi Kitchen

The eatery located in Chennai looks like a complete jail. The dress code for the staff members is also of prisoners and jailers. As per the review from customers, the food is marked as average, though, the ambience of the place and its decor is something you would probably go for.

Firangi Dhaba, Mumbai- Feel the meal in an auto

Firangi Dhaba

If someone hears the same, he/she will definitely think how unconventional it would be to eat in an auto-rikshaw. This unusual idea of setting up a restaurant in an auto is extremely appealing and gives a desi tadka to our routine lives. The surroundings and ambience deliver a dhaba type feeling and one can cherish his/her meal thoroughly.