It has been an age old debate to determine men vs women drivers: who is better and it is usually believed that women are worse in driving. Often it is seen that men get mad at women drivers for being confused while driving, whereas women complain that men are rash drivers. It’s a topic that is quite complicated because when we look at it closely, there are several factors that are to be taken into consideration.

Since a long period of time, the roles of men and women in the society have been pre-determined. Earlier, men were the ones who were supposed to be driving out in cars while women rarely got to drive. However, the situation is changing gradually. Women are now required to be much active as they have to go to work and then run errands for groceries and various other household purposes. But still the number of women driving on the roads is comparatively less than that of men. Hence even if all the women are not bad at driving, the total number is so less that it obviously makes it look like men have a clear victory here.

man vs woman: who is the better driver?

While some may blame females for their not-so-good driving skills, many others think that it’s not the gender but the age that determines how efficient you are at driving. For example, if you compare a 30 year old woman with some college going guys, obviously guys will  be more rash and careless on the roads, especially on highways. When we think logically, it makes sense that whether you are a man or woman, if given a chance to learn you will end up carrying similar kinds of driving skills. But after doing a lot of research and going through various surveys, I feel that it’s not what it seems to be. This needs to be studied, scrutinised and then only a relevant conclusion can be drawn out.

So, in order to get an answer for this we are going to evaluate the matter in detail along with some aspects that are to be taken into account so as to judge who is better at driving men or women. There are various situations that have to be faced when you are behind the wheel and everyone has a different approach towards them.

Here is a list of some common aspects of driving, which will tell us about the behaviour of both the sexes and hence will decide man vs woman: who is the better driver?


brakes and accelerator

You are happily driving on the road and suddenly a child or a small pup comes right on the middle of the road. What do you do then? Simply apply the brakes right? But it’s not that simple. Women tend to panic and they get confused between brakes and accelerator. Many a times they may just shout at the top of their voice and in this hastily push the wrong pedal, however men are clearer in their mind. They tend to be more calm and composed than most of the women. Often such kind of situations are more difficult for beginners as they are not used to it.

Use of Mobile while Driving

using phone while driving

Despite the prohibition of using mobiles while driving, many people are seen talking or texting, which could be dangerous. And most of these are men because they don’t care about being caught by the traffic police. On the other hand, women are much more cautious behind the wheel and they don’t want to give any unnecessary reason to the cops. They prefer not to use phones, while driving because then it becomes hard to control the steering. As per a study, it has been found that 24% men admitted that they use phones while driving as compared to just 16% of women. Another fact that supports this point is that men are always busy with their phones, whereas women love to chit-chat and giggle face to face and that too in groups. Wink!


Car Parking

When you learn how to drive a vehicle the next important thing to know is how to park your car properly. It’s a really important issue because nowadays every place is crowded and one hardly finds a parking space. With women, it’s a much tough job because you have to judge the distance and see to it that you don’t run into any other car while doing so. For some of them it is such a hard thing that even if you give them a Nano in an empty space, they would take hours in finishing the task. Although a lot of cars are now offered with parking sensors, rear camera and other Park Assist functions, but many are still devoid of such features. As per the survey, 82% men were found to be efficient in judging the blind spot as opposed to just 71% of women. There isn’t any specific reason to it but men have better reflexes and sense of judgement.

Taking a U-turn

U-Turn on road

When you find your car managing to crawl on a crowded street of a small town in India and suddenly the worst thing happens. You take the wrong turn and realise that this is not the direction in which you were supposed to be heading to. Uh Oh! Now to get to the right track you need to take a U-turn and there isn’t any space. A woman would definitely block the whole traffic in order to get this job done but for a man, things will be much easier because as mentioned before they have a better sense of judging the distance and all that.

Control over Steering

Control Over the Steering Wheel

When you are sitting behind the wheel, you don’t only have to handle the steering but also have to apply force while moving it. Along with this, one can also manage the audio and phone controls while driving. When we talk about force, men are considered to be superior in being able to control the steering effectively as compared to women. Particularly when you have to take a turn or otherwise, steering always demands a lot of strength to be operated.

However, nowadays cars come equipped with power steering that do not require much strength to be operated. Undoubtedly, with 96% of women being good at controlling the vehicle implies that majority of them are good. However, this figure is still behind that of men’s 100% found in the survey.



Tailgating means that you are driving too close to another vehicle on your front in such a way that if any one of you halts, there is a high possibility of collision. Can’t say if men love tailgating or not, but they definitely tend to be indulged in such practices as compared to women.

Especially, when the roads are packed with heavy traffic, people just don’t have the patience and often lose their cool in such situations. They fail to keep their cars at a safe distance and this leads to collision. On the other hand, women are less involved in tailgating as they are very cautious while driving.



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No matter how big or small, accidents are very common on the roads. It has been found out in various studies conducted in various countries that women drive much more safely and even if there is an accident it is just not quite serious as the one in which men are involved. If we put it simply, being an efficient driver doesn’t make you a safer one. Even if you have more knowledge, it is more important to drive safely. As per a program named Mythbusters, accidents involving a female driver is most of the time “accidental” in nature, say just a bump. However, if you are not focussing while driving, irrespective of the fact that you are a male or female, the accident would be huge and may be life threatening.

Traffic Rules

Traffic Rules

One must strictly obey the traffic rules so as to stay safe and also keep other safe, thereby eliminating any chances of a hazardous situation. But you will hardly notice any man who follows the rules honestly. Most of the women have this tendency that they would always wear seatbelts/helmets while driving. They also drive within the recommended speed limit and are rarely caught by the cops for violating any rule.

On the other hand, most of the men tend to be careless and rash while driving on empty roads. They do follow rules but not as much as the women do. It is said that in India the right time to cross the road is not when the traffic light turns green. It’s when the whole crowd is fed up of waiting and decides to cross together.

Taking Risks


A majority of men are considered to be risk takers whenever they drive. If a vehicle in front of them is moving slowly, they quickly measure the risk and slide through the side of that vehicle as they don’t like to wait for others to speed up. Besides, men are are kind of obsessed with the practice of overtaking. Overtake a woman driver and chances are that she won’t even bother. Now try overtaking a man! No no! Don’t even try that.

Men have this strange urge to stay ahead of everyone on the road and any such act of overtake would be regarded as an offensive crime. And God forbid if it’s a group of young guys, be prepared for the worst. On the other hand, women don’t prefer to race or to overtake. They take it lightly! Of course until and unless you pose a challenge for them. They are totally okay with it.

Use of Mirrors

Use of Rear VIew MIrrors in Cars

It’s a universal fact that women are always busy looking at the mirrors. Grin! As we all know that the use of rear view mirrors in a vehicle can’t be denied. One has to keep a check on the mirrors so as to get an idea about the distance between their vehicle and other vehicles on the road. It has been found out that only 46% men adequately use mirrors while 79% women were found to be making the right use of mirrors.


In today’s modern era where women are making their mark equally in every field and changing the face of society, it doesn’t matter whether you are a man or woman. Both are considered to be equally skilful and the same applies to driving. It’s an old stereotype that women are poor drivers, which is now being broken by the modern women. Moreover, the vehicles are being offered with convenient handling as well as automatic features that don’t require much strength as compared to the old days. It is much easier to drive around in a car if you are well acquainted with the rules and mechanism properly.

I’d like to conclude the topic by saying that our gender doesn’t determine how good we are at driving (or at any other activity for that matter). It’s all about our focus and learning abilities. We hope that you liked our detailed argument on man vs woman: who is the better driver?