The summer season is here and it’s time to pack your bags and go on a long journey to enjoy vacations with family. Yippee! But wait! Did you check the condition of your car? Is it ready to be taken out in the scorching heat? Well, nobody loves to get tanned in the sunlight when the climate is too hot to bear and same is the case with your car. Whether it’s dust or heat, cars also need to be protected against damage much like our body.


Earlier, we had mentioned some diesel engine maintenance tips that are required to ensure longevity of your car’s powertrain. However, with the arrival of summer season, a lot many issues can arise because of which the whole car needs to be maintained and monitored. Therefore, you must know about some important summer car care trips so that the harmful effects of the weather can be minimised by keeping a close check on your 4-wheeler.

Listed below are some prominent summer car care tips that need to be followed by every car owner.

Car Paint and Upholstery

Imagine yourself standing in the bright sunlight of a hot day when the temperature is too cruel to handle. No ways! You won’t be able to take it, right? Something similar applies to the cars. Thanks to practices like deforestation and urbanisation that we hardly get any tree shades for the parking. So, when the car is parked in direct sunlight, it may damage the body paint as well as the interior upholstery and the plastic portions can also fade out or get cracked.

Car Paint and Upholstery

In order to prevent such a harm, try to park your car in a shady area. If there is no shade, you can also opt for covers so as to protect it from sun rays, heat or bird droppings. Moreover, you should also try polishing and waxing the car once or twice in a year. A low gloss protectant can also be used for the interiors.

Tyre Pressure

Often we are keen on protecting the tyres from sharp nails or any such stuff on the road, but the rising heat can cause an equally dangerous effect on them. For every 10 degrees rise in temperature, there is a 1-2 psi (pound per square inch) expansion in the tyres. This may hamper the ride and handling of the car. Whether the tyre is under inflated or overinflated, the heat pressure will make it expand and thus there are chances that it could burst out.

Tyre Pressure

In order to prevent the tyres from bursting, make sure that there is correct amount of pressure on all the tyres. For this, every time you take your car to the fuel stations to get them re-filled, also get the pressure checked at regular intervals. If the tyres are old and worn out, replace them immediately with the new ones. Nowadays, sensing how significant it is, many cars are offered with tyre pressure monitoring system as a Car Safety Feature so that you are informed about the numbers without waiting to go to the garage.

Oil and Air Filter

Engine oil is the key factor to keep your engine running and we all know that when the car is running for a long time at regular intervals, the engine gets heated up. Particularly, when it’s too hot outside, the engine often overheats. Moreover, the air filters also play an important role in the overall mechanism, thereby ensuring sufficient fuel economy. Thus, both the oil and air filter need to be monitored and maintained properly.

Oil and Air Filter

In order to make sure that the car engine functions properly, check for the oil level and if it is less, immediately top it up. If you haven’t replaced it for a while, make sure you do it right away. The air filter should also be kept clean so as to make things keep going in a rightful manner.

Car Battery

The excessive heat on a sunny hot day can evaporate the battery fluids of your car. Besides, it can also lead to an accelerated chemical reaction inside the battery that will make things even worse. The battery may get overcharged and this ultimately reduces its life.

Car Battery Care

Before any such thing happens to your car battery, get it checked at regular intervals from professionals. It is very necessary to ensure that it is in a proper shape and no debris is collected in the terminals.

Air Conditioning

Travelling in summer is so much fun, but not without the AC in the car! Well, of course you would want to stay away from the heat outside by enjoying a cool breeze inside your well equipped car. However, it may happen that the air conditioning system loses its effectiveness with time and you may notice that the system is not maintaining the required temperature. This means that it’s time for some repairing.

Air Conditioning

Most of the cars in today’s time are fitted with an automatic climate control with complicated mechanism and you may not want to get you hands on such a complex set up. Hence, it becomes necessary that you get it checked from experts who have proper know-how about the system. If it is a regular AC, keep it clean and maintained.

Belts and Hoses

No matter how modern we have become, but our cars still continue to use the traditional components like hose and belts to regulate the movement of essential fluids like coolant and engine oil as well as to turn the fan so as to keep the engine cool. When exposed to too much of heat, these parts can be damaged to a considerable extent.

Belts and Hoses

Such a problem cannot be detected externally. To handle this, you will have to take you car to a mechanic. However, before anything occurs you can get the hose and belts checked at regular intervals. Though, it’s a rare case, but the stake is too high to ignore such things. So, it’s better to keep a check rather than to fix things at the last moment.

Windscreen Wiper

During summer, the excessive heat makes the plastic hard and crack. If the wipers on your windscreen appear cracked or hard, it’s a sign that you should immediately replace the wipers with the new ones.

Windscreen Wiper

If you don’t do so, the damaged wipers will ultimately harm the windscreen and if that happens, it becomes a costly affair to get a new windscreen. Well you cannot prevent the wiper plastic from damage, but you can surely keep a check on it so that if any damage happens, it can be fixed timely before it’s too late. Even if you  check the monsoon car care tips here, then you will see that the good wiper is also essential during the driving in rainy season.


The coolant’s duty in the car is to maintain the right temperature of the engine and during the summers, it has to work extra hard due to the rising temperature outside. So, it makes it obvious that the coolant should be maintained in the right quantity. The radiator fixed inside the bonnet contains a mixture of water and coolant in the ideal ratio of 50:50. Hence, it is very important to keep both the things at the right level and in the right quantity.

Car Engine Coolant

Make sure that you regularly check the coolant and water level inside the car. If there isn’t enough coolant or water, the engine may overheat and it won’t be possible to take your car any further. Remember the horror stories, where the car breaks down in the middle of the night in a deserted area? That’s because they forgot to check the water level before stepping out from their home. Well, it may sound funny, but when it turns into reality, trust me, it’s not funny at all! So, if you don’t want to face any such adventure, make sure that you check things beforehand. Grin!

Additional Tips

  • When your car is parked outside in a hot day, as soon as you get inside, you would feel like dying from the excessive heat. First of all, while parking the car, roll down the windows slightly so that the air can pass through that gap. Secondly, when you step inside, first open all the windows and then switch on the Air Conditioner. This will help in driving the hot air outside the car while fresh air will flow inside.
  • Don’t leave kids or pets inside the car in summer because on a hot day, car acts like a greenhouse so the temperature inside is much more than the heat outside. Many times, you may not want to take your kids in and out of the car because it’s troublesome. But never do that because the risk you are taking is too high. Even within a short period of time, the damage can be fatal. So, never ever leave you kids or pets in a hot car even if it’s for a few minutes.
  • In summers when the car is parked out in the sun, its interiors will also get heated. So, if you don’t want your hands to be burnt from the steering, just make sure that before stepping outside, just rotate the wheel to 180°. Hence when you get back and drive the car, the portion that you hold won’t be hot.
  • In case the AC is broken or not working properly, you can use a solar powered fan as a temporary solution. The fan can be mounted on an open window in order to ensure the flow of fresh air in the cabin. However, this won’t work if you have tinted windows.
  • Hot cars can sometimes stink too much and to avoid this, you can simply stick the dryer sheets on the AC vents. This way when it is switched on, the stinky air could be fixed.
  • If you see the warning lights on or steam coming out of the bonnet, it is a sign that the engine has overheated. You can take the following measures:
    • The very first thing to do is to switch off the AC and slide down the windows. If it still doesn’t work, turn on the heater. This will transfer the engine heat to the cabin. Although it won’t be a nice feeling for the occupants, but the engine will surely get relieved.
    • Just park the car at a safe place and turn off the engine. Wait for a few minutes and let it cool down before you go ahead to open the hood.
    • If you are in a stop-and-go traffic situation, then speeding up and applying brakes repeatedly can make things worse because then the engine will have to work harder. Just keep crawling slowly with the traffic until you find a suitable spot to stop the car.
  • If the car is completely stuck in a jam and you can’t move at all then shift to neutral and then rev the engine a little. This will aid in regulating the flow of fluids as well as turn the fan that will ultimately cool down the engine to some extent.

Final Words

These were some extremely crucial summer car care tips that every car owner should be well acquainted with. Try to keep it up-to-date and take care of all the maintenance necessities. Because if you don’t do so, it will ditch you at the last moment and will break down at a place where you may not get any assistance. So, love your car and it will love you back.

If this detailed description regarding the summer car care tips was informative enough for you and if you have any suggestions to share, let us know about that in the comments section below.