The rainy season is considered the most pleasant and delightful time throughout the year for the livings, but sometimes it can also be the reason behind happening the worse while driving on the wet roads. To avoid such worse driving experience, the car always needs to be in good driving conditions, even more during the Monsoon season.


Monsoon Car Care Tips

Did you ever do that, Preparing the car before taking it out on a rainy day? The answer would be no, as most of us are not accustomed to that. But one must do a complete check-up of one’s car before starting the season of rain. There is no harm in inspecting your vehicle and get the necessary things repaired, instead of getting bogged down in some undesirable breakdown. Apart from this, we have already covered an article on some noteworthy tips on summer car care

Here we put together the entire guidelines on how to take care of your car before the monsoon and during the monsoon. The article is divided into two sections: Monsoon Car Care tips and Driving tips during the monsoon.

Car Care Tips Before Monsoon:

It is necessary to make sure that all the car parts are in optimal running condition to go against the slippery roads. Even several automobile manufacturers organise the free monsoon check up camps for their customers for safe driving experience during monsoon. As recently Maruti Suzuki arranged a “Monsoon Fit Check up Camp” and Skoda India as well organised a “Pre-Monsoon Campaign”.

Driving through Flooded

Below we prepare an essential checklist for your car, check this out:

Vehicle Servicing – The pre-monsoon servicing of the vehicle is the most beneficial care for your car. As the summer season just ended up and your car must have driven under the blazing heat during the long drives. And now during the monsoon, it is obvious to drive on clogged, slippery and watery roads. So, it is better to prepare in advance to face such kind of driving conditions.  

Check the Tyres – Tyres should always be in good running condition, especially during the monsoon. For safely driving on the wet road, the tyres must be in good shape with enough tread depth. Replaced cracked tyres, also check for air pressure. Furthermore, the wheels must be properly aligned to avoid skidding.   

Check your Brakes – The foremost safety equipment in a car is its brake. Before starting your monsoon trip, make sure your vehicle brakes are well lubricated and in working condition.  

Windshield Wipers – During the drive in the rain, you will entirely depend on the wipers for the road visibility. It is recommended to replace the wiper blades before the beginning of monsoon season.   

Check for Anti-rust Coating – Remember the last time when you have done anti-rust coating if it’s more than a year than get it done now all over the car’s under body and engine compartment.  

Check for the Car Lights – It’s normal that on a rainy day the road visibility gets poorer and you need all the vehicle lamps in well illuminating condition. Check for every car lamps such as headlamps, tail lamps, fog lamps and indicators.

Safeguard Underbody:  To protect the underbody of the car is also important and for this, you need to spray a combination of used engine oil and diesel. This spray protects the mechanical moving parts, keeps dirt, moisture away, and saves the underbody from rusting.

Clear Boot And Bonnet: Leaves can be stuck inside the door and create water leakage inside the cabin. So it is advisable to always clear bootlid. Further, bonnet can even be affected by clogging due to leaves and require the cleaning as well.

Keep Cabin Clean: The wet and muddy shoes and high moisture level can make the car smelly inside. The best way to protect the carpet from being dirty is by using old newspapers. Papers quickly absorb water and keep the carpet free from bad odor and mud. Put a towel as well when you enter the car coming from outside rain and you are wet. This will make sure to keep your seats dry.

Defogger: Use the Defogger if provided in the car to let enter the fresh air inside by positioning the defogger at front position. This will help to defog the windscreen.

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During Monsoon: Points to Keep in Mind while driving

Must Have Things in Your Car –

Tool Kit

Tool Kit with necessary handy tools – Not just only in the rainy days but for all time, one must have a vehicle tool kit in one’s car. Though every vehicle comes with a tool kit, but you must check that you have it in your car before heading out somewhere.

Food bag with fruits and juice – It is for general purpose in that situation when you got stuck somewhere hours far from any help, at least you won’t die of hunger. So it’s good to have some energy drink or food in advance that keeps you charge while driving away far from the home.  

Flashlight or Torch – It will help when you get stuck somewhere in dark, though you must have a flashlight in your smartphone but you don’t when will its power betray you.   

First Aid Kit – Keep all the things aside, Safety First! We highly recommend keeping a first aid box in your car.

A Rope – It is rainy season and getting stuck in mud or in water is normal. So having a rope will help in that situation to tow your vehicle and getting out of it.

Use Seat Cover and Mats – Use old seat covers, not to spoil the expensive seats and also buy rainy mats to save your car from being dirty.      

Few Monsoon Car Driving Tips –    

Monsoon Car driving tips

  • Avoid under constructed routes, prefer highways. If you have to pass through the one, drive slow and be more careful.
  • Drive slowly in a water-logged area and rev the engine in order to keep water away from entering the exhaust pipe.
  • Slow down a bit while cornering
  • In case your car gets submerged, contact a technician and clean the car completely before starting it.
  • If you find your car getting submerged, open the doors and windows immediately.

Final Words –

During the monsoon season, many of us face the challenging driving conditions. This article is all about few driving tips and monsoon car maintenance tips for our readers so that they can find the safer driving ways along with the useful things that one must carry in one’s car during the rainy days.

In this article, we felicitated our readers with the best driving tips and various other useful information, still these are at all tips, we might lake some, I’m afraid so. So if you have had ever faced any such kind of challenging situation/s or get stuck somewhere in the water-logged or muddy area, feel free to write in the comment box about how did you overcome it/them. Your experience can be useful for others.