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ride safe during rainy season

Rainy Season, the climate that brings down the effect of hot and humid atmosphere and pours our heart and soul with its dazzling droplets. We all highly appreciate and welcome this weather with open arms, a lot of fun and food are its other positive implications. But, as is said, the excess of everything is bad and this implies to the rainy season as well. Many times, a lot of rain disrupts our day to day chores, specially causing a lot of trouble to the riders, and of them two-wheeler users are most affected.

Below are some must noting points for all the riders in the rainy season.

Tips 1: Two Wheelers Roof


Two Wheelers Roof

The agony of two wheelers is most as they lack any equipment to cover themselves in this climate. But, the innovations, which are the bread and butter of the modern times, have rescued us from the adverse situations. In this case also a new ‘Juggad’ has emerged to provide cover from the rain. Nowadays a canopy for the two wheelers is becoming popular, which is a portable, lightweight cover that hides motorcycle riders from the rain.

Tips 2: Wearing Visible Accessories

wearing visible accessories

Wearing Visible Accessories

You should wear visible accessories to avoid the road accident in the rain. The wet weather creates the dark environment, we get trouble while seeing the things properly in heavy flow of the rain. If you will wear the visible helmet, jacket, then anyone can see you easily and will not hit you. Thus, you will be able to keep yourself safe in the heavy rainfall.

Tips 3: Ride on Limited Speed

ride on limited speed

Ride on Limited Speed

The road accidents occur due to the high speed of the bike. On the damp way, the traction is very low between the road and the tires, so it is very tough duty to stop the bike at a time, when it is at very high speed. So, the riders could keep themselves in the safety zone, if the speed of their bikes will be slow, the high speed is very dangerous for you and others.

Tips 4: Watch out for Sewer Holes

watch out for sewer holes

Watch Out for Sewer Holes

During rainy season, manholes can cause serious problems. They become overflow and their covers get shifted from the actual place. About 80 per cent of the accidents during rainy season take place because of hitting sewer covers and the confusion created because of overflowing manholes. One should be very cautious while crossing a road that is full of water and use his reflexes to make assumptions in respect of flow of water. This way one can avoid major accidents

Tips 5: Stop Mountain Ride

stop mountain ride

Stop Mountain Ride

Anyone with the slightest degree of the common sense will not even think of riding on mountains during rains. Mountains pathways are very steep and due to the nature of the sand present on them, they become very slippery and dangerous to ride on. A tiny loss of attention span may prove fatal and life threatening.

Tips 6: Brake Before a Proper Distance

tips for control heavy bike

Brake Before a Proper Distance

In the case of taking a sudden brake, we should use both, drum and disc brakes. We must stop the bike at a proper distance from other vehicles on the wet road. The best way of stopping a bike on the damp way is the use of the rear drum brake, which makes its speed slow and enables you to gently use the front disc brake.

Tips 7: Good Headlight For Clear View

headlight properly visible the road

Good Headlight For Clear View

In wet weather the environment comes fall in darkness so the rider not visible the road properly then you should take headlight proper on the road to visible and focus the road to avoiding the water filled crater. If you are going at a high speed and headlight take not proper visible the road, you cant see and know the actually puddles is how deep and the pits are not avoided at high speed. Its very dangers for rider and motorcycle.

Tips 8: Proper Maintains

bike proper maintain

Proper Maintains

Before you go out for riding to chill in the monsoon. You should take care and maintain the bike’s parts like brakes, engine, exhaust and tires. Any part is not healthy of the bike then the fun of riding bike in rain could worsen and any problem happened during riding. For example, the brake is not proper working then any kind of accident might be happened.

Tips 9: Careful at Turn Curves

careful at turn curves

Careful at Turn Curves

In the rainy season, the accident cases of motorcycle are mostly seen. In the rainy season the roads are become more slider and the traction between wheels and road is less, the chances of slipping is increased while having turns or corners. Avoid the speed of the motorcycle and instant braking while having corners.

Tips 10: Always Keep First Aid Box

keep always first aid box

Keep Always First Aid Box

Always carry a small first aid box including basic things like bandages, antiseptic, tweezers, scissors, cotton-tipped applicators. These will help you take care of yourself in adverse situations. Sometimes a small wound become a big injury because of the carelessness. As the saying goes on prevention is always than cure. In rainy season chances are high for the wounds to become septic, so if the aid is provided at right time, mishaps can be avoided.

Tips 11: Knowledge Of Climate

knowledge of climate

Knowledge of Climate

Impact of same season can be different from place to place. Likewise rains can differ in magnitude from region to region. So one should do a little homework before planning a ride during rains. There are places where rains doesn’t stop for days,so in those areas it’s always better to stay back and avoid trips.

Tips 12: Get a Shed on Your Parking Space

Shed on Parking Space

Shed on Parking Space

If it’s monsoon and you are still using an open space for parking your vehicle then it’s time to get a shed on your parking space ASAP. The rains might damage your vehicle as the continuous rain may damage the outer paint of the body and make it rusted. It is advisable to build a permanent roof on the shed as there are chances that weak and improper fitting of the shed might lead to severe accidents under heavy rainfall. Keep your bike dry and moisture free. Using proper amount of lubricants in certain areas is also advisable.

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