Have you ever wondered about the culinary experiences, which include some of the fear factors that are difficult to forget? Everyone wants something new and adventurous moment in their life, no matter which aspect it’s related to. But, if this moment appears in the dining then it’s really become interesting for you. Dine-out in the casual restaurants is now very common having same thing such as nice décor, delectable food and many other, which almost similar in each restaurant. So, it’s time to change your dining experience, having restaurants that provide the fear factor themselves, not with food, but in interior and surroundings.

For thrill-seekers, these restaurants offer an adventurous dining experience that takes you at different levels of fear. Therefore, get ready to dine in a creepy prison/hospital, complete with severed limbs and handcuffs, you’ll definitely enjoy, but in a thrilling way. Go through with the list of world’s scariest restaurants and then decide, where you have to go!!

Here’s the World’s Scariest Restaurant:

Disaster Cafe, Lloret de Mar, Spain


Want to some disruption in your daily meal? Then, go ahead to Lloret de Mar restaurant, where the underground dining rooms generate 7.8 earthquakes during the night. Here, the staff members put on protective headgear and reflective vests and customers are advised to wear machine washable clothing.

Poogan’s Porch, Charleston, South Carolina


In this restaurant, meals are operated by the ghost of one-time homeowner Zoe St. Armand, who killed herself on the central staircase 100 years ago. Oftenly, her black-clad figure has been seen roaming in the dining room. A ghost dog named as “Poogan”, who died in 1979 has also been felt sniffing under the tables.

Ka-tron Flying Chicken, Bangkok, Thailand


Ka-tron’s is the signature menu item, which is something unique and different thing. The waiters shoot whole fried chickens across the dining room and onto a unicycle riding colleague’s helmet that has been fitted with a tall spike for this purpose.

Dinner in the Sky, Worldwide


Take a dinner in the sky offering five courses at a free-floating table suspended 160 feet in the air. Located worldwide, where 22 diners are strapped into their chairs and hanging above by a 220- ton crane.

Fortezza Medica, Volters, Italy


It’s located near Pisa, Italy, where 120 seats are there. The menu of Southern Italian favorites like fennel frittatas and nonna Catozza is prepared and served by convicted murderers and armed robbers. Meals are followed by classical piano, courtesy of one musically inclined convict and patrolled by 20 wardens.

Dans Le Noir, New York City


Dine-out in the pitch-black room, where light emitting cell phones are restricted and menus are a mystery. Here, guests sit elbow to elbow at 72 person communal tables.