We all have been hearing many world records in many fields, but you have rarely heard in the terms of food. The world is full of many culinary wonders, which you never know. There are some guys across the world, who actually spent some quality time to prepare some mind-blowing and extremely great stuff related to food.

Whether you’re foodie or not, if you like to explore and knowing the quirkiest things regarding food like 1000 kg laddo, a huge pizza and many more, here we covered all.

Here, we are presenting you the amazing food world records:

The biggest Bubble Gum Bubble


A man with a great talent, named Chad Fell, who had blown the world largest bubblegum bubble without any use of hands at the Double Springs High School, Alabama, U.S.A. With a diameter of 50.8 cm of the bubble, had registered his name in the world record.

The biggest Laddo


27 August 2014 was a great date of Sri Bahktanjaneya Sweet, owned by S. Venkateswara Rao, Andhra Pradesh. The largest laddo having weight of 7,858 kg with full of taste and aroma.

The longest Hot Dog


With a length of 203.80 m made by Novex S.A. at the fest, Expoferia, Spain.

The longest Dosa


Cooked by hotel Daspalla at the Forum Sujana Mall, Hyderabad with a length of 16.68 m.

The biggest Cake


The world’s biggest cake record was achieved by Fairy Liquid at Westfield Shopping Centre in London, UK. The measurement of this cake was 39 ft 11 inch * 32 ft 2 inch * 16.14 inch. OMG!

The biggest Samosa


It was a memorable day for Bradford College, UK, who had prepared the largest Samosa having a weight of 110.8 kg with 135 cm long, 85 cm wide and 29 cm height.

The biggest Jalebi


One of the world famous Indian chefs Sanjeev Kapoor along with 9 regular workers prepared the world’s largest Jalebi with a weight of 18 kg and a diameter of 9 ft at Saatvik Restaurant, Mumbai.

The biggest Pizza


Can you imagine a pizza of 12.19 tonnes with a diameter of 37.4 m. That’s something surprising !! It was made at Norwood Hypermarket, South Africa.

The biggest Ice-Cream


Dip into the world’s largest ice-cream!! Prepared by Kemps Dairy having weight around 1,365.31 kg and with 5 ft 6 inch long and 6 ft 2 inch wide.