10 best indian dessert places

Insane foodies!!! When it comes to food, we Indians can beat the entire world. Besides, not only food, we are die hard fans of desserts as well. Whether there’s a small birthday occasion or a silver jubilee anniversary party of our parents, every celebration needs to have a variety of desserts as per the taste of the family members.

Leave occasions, Indians do need any reason to have a Gulab Jamun, for instance, to complete the dinner. Basically, desserts are a must for a typical desi Indian.

This hot season, let yourself mesmerize the drooling flavors of some unusual sugary eatables that we have cherry-picked for you from the best Indian dessert places across the country. Arguably, these places would be a big treat for you if have a sweet tooth. Do have a glance.

10 Best Indian Dessert Places

1. (Qubani ka Meetha) Paradise Restaurant, Hyderabad

Qubani ka Meetha

Fond of Apricots? Do not miss this at all. Paradise Restaurant is typically not a dessert place yet known for the Hyderabad’s favorite compote- Qubani ka Meetha. This apricot pudding when served with fresh cream or a dollop of vanilla ice cream, you’ll keep saying utterly yum in each and every bite. Categorized as Nawabi meal, Qubani ka Meetha can tantalize your taste buds with sophisticated flavors of saffron, cardamom, and other tangy peppers blended.

2. (Natural Ice Cream), Mumbai

Natural Ice Cream

The unbeatable taste of Natural is by far the best than any other ice-cream brands in the country. Interestingly, its origin was started from Mumbai and certainly living up their name. Unlike the sickeningly sweet flavors of other commercial brands, the Natural home made ice-creams are comprised of purely natural ingredients and real fruit. If you are a die hard Natural ice-cream lover, try out their Tender Coconut and Custard Apple flavors.

3. (Pitha wali kachori) Doodh Mishtan Bhandar, Jaipur

pitha wali kachori

This won’t be wrong if we say Doodh Misthan Bhandar is for all the foodie Jaipurites. The perfect sweet and sour combination of milk-based kachori’s can make up anyone’s mind immediately. This could become the brunch meal for all the office going people who are in a rush daily. Besides, a couple of other varieties include the pitha wali kachori, the rasgulla, and the rasmalai, which are out of stock most of the times due to heavy demand.

4. (Kulfi) Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfi Wale, Delhi

Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfi Wale

Kulfi is one of the favorite desserts from kids to grannies. Its lip-smacking milky taste delights everyone entirely. Though you can get a decent kulfi anywhere around, but the taste Kuremal is beyond every variety that you’ve tasted upon up till now. Situated in the crowded streets of Old Delhi, the place has got 50 different varieties of kulfis with rich flavors of falsa, tamarind, pomegranate and paan.

5. (Motichoor laddoos) Ritz Restaurant, Lucknow

Motichoor Laddoo

Who else doesn’t like Motichoor Laddoo? I guess no one. Besides, Motichoor laddoos are to die for. Their moist and soft touch is good enough for the dessert, forget about the taste☺️. Jokes apart, this utterly delicious sugary sweet course is made with desi ghee and tastes like heaven when enters the mouth. Ritz Lucknow is popular for its rich flavored Motichoor laddoos that melt in your mouth even in a single bite.

6. (Shrewsbury biscuits) Kayani Bakery, Pune

Shrewsbury biscuits

Kayani Bakery Pune is the best confectionery out there that offers Shrewsbury biscuits. It has been in business since the British era and certainly has some colonial charm. The cookies have got an appropriate texture and melt in fractions in your mouth. The goodies don’t stay on the shelves for a long period as the place is very crowded and people take them rapidly.

7. (Custard rolls) Nahoum and Sons, Kolkata

custard rolls

Nahoum and Sons are one of the quaint bakeries in Kolkata offering a wide variety of unique stuff. Though, some specific gestures would be the Strawberry cubes, Custard rolls, and the famous Lemon puff, which have the capabilities to salivate your tongue at a single glance.

8.  (Hot Chocolate) The Chocolate Room, Ahmedabad

hot cup of chocolate

As the name already defines its meaning, the Chocolate Room furnishes a variety of chocolate stuff that is mostly loved by the young crowd. The relaxing aura of the place makes it a big charm for the group of college buddies and when a hot cup of chocolate is served with some waffles, pancakes, and pizzas- all it would be like icing on the cake.

9. (Raspberry cheesecakes) Leopold Cafe, Mumbai

Raspberry cheesecakes

Leopard is known for serving the most divine desserts and is a perfect cafe shop for any South Mumbai foodie. That doesn’t mean rest of Mumbai will found a no entry board there?. LOL. The Leopold Cafe in the suburbs of Southern Mumbai is famous for its Blueberry and Raspberry cheesecakes.

10. (Malaiyo) Chowk of Varanasi


Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India has busy lanes of Chowk in winters as the area flaunts it charming side with stalls selling frizzy Malaiyo, the best-kept secrets of Varanasi. This light as air dessert is a delicate combination of saffron garnished with almonds and pistachios. The famous Malaiyo of Varanasi has been served as a morning meal and doesn’t available for the rest of the hours.