10 Healthy Foods for a Perfect Yoga Diet

Yoga is something, which refreshes the inner soul and energizes your whole day. Considered as the most effective morning exercise, it balances your body posture and makes you work for long in a hectic schedule. If you believe that expensive workouts help a lot in making a right physique, then you are certainly misleading here. Nothing can work best as what a daily yoga does. Besides, it also aids in keeping you invulnerable from the several viral infections as well.

Though, just doing the yoga is not good enough to maintain your body posture. To keep your figure in-line, a perfect yoga diet is needed as well. It is not only about losing weight or getting your skin shinier, rather, it is about connecting with yourself and with nature. Basically, a yoga diet will boost up the strength of your body parts and provides frequent healing of the organs. On this international yoga day, we are here with some healthy vegan yoga dishes that not only energize you for the entire day but, also keep your mind in a peaceful state.

Some Yoga Diet Healthy Foods

1. Hydrating Beverages

hydrating beverages

Your yoga hours should be started after getting yourself properly hydrated with some refreshing drinks like green tea, herbal tea or ginger tea. They not only refresh you in the morning but are also very nourishing. If you have this habit of noshing strong morning coffee, replace it with green tea or herbal tea. During the lunch and dinner, start adding a cup of vegetable broth. Take peppermints, rooibos at night instead of relishing your taste buds with ice-creams and high-calorie sweets.

2. Watermelon


Sometimes, after a quite long yoga session, it usually happens that your head starts spinning due to dehydration. It is suggested that you should consume some watermelon before initiating the yoga session. They retain maximum water inside the body and can keep dehydration & starvation away for a couple of hours. “The quick-digesting carbs are also a good source of energy to fuel your workout. If you’re eating on the run, a watermelon juice is a great alternative,” says celebrity personal trainer and yoga instructor Kristin McGee.

3. Smoothies


The light and healthy smoothies are easily digestible as well. They maintain a good proportion of water in the body and ensure energizing nutrients. There are various health benefits of smoothies as they impart essential vitamins and minerals to your body. They are one of the prominent food stuff in a yoga diet because they contain the rich flavors of fruits and fruits are too way healthy for your body. So include them on a regular basis.

4. Whole-Grain Toast

Whole-Grain Toast

Every yoga instructor suggests for something in snacks that is rich in carbs before two hours of your yoga class. It prevents any gastrointestinal disturbances inside the body and keeps you vitalized for the whole working day.

5. Light Porridge and Fruit

Light Porridge and Fruit

Porridge, when consumed with fruit, would be one of the best combinations for a yoga diet. Some commonly eaten grains include oats, quinoa, rice, barley, amaranth that can be preferred for the brunch meal. Alongside porridge, sweet fruits in the morning are pretty much energizing and gain unique vitamins and mineral content. For retaining a long-lasting energy for the day, start having a breakfast of porridge and fruits.

6. Banana and Honey

Banana and Honey

Banana is the most carbohydrate-rich fruit that easily digests the food. It contains potassium, which enables holding the stamina of the body for long hours and releases off cramping. Before heading towards a yoga class, full your stomach with a big glass of banana shake blended with a touch of honey.

7. Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad should be taken after the yoga class and therefore considered a post-workout fuel. As it becomes quite important to rehydrate your body after doing the stuff for a couple of hours, eating water-dense fruits like watermelon and grapefruit is a necessity to balance the liquid levels of your body. “For those practicing hot yoga, it may also be beneficial to drink a coconut water. It’s naturally rich in electrolytes so it can aid rehydration better than water and ward off post-workout fatigue.”

8. Dark Leafy Greens

Dark Leafy Greens

Having a substantial amount of dark leafy greens is a must in the post-workout meal. For instance, kale, arugula, spinach, and romaine help a lot in proper blood circulation in the body and retain the very important vitamin- Vitamin B along with other minerals as well. Your body needs good nutritions after oxygenating your blood with your breath during the yoga session. Leafy greens should be taken for the lunch.

9. Sandwich


A whole-grain sandwich with chicken, tuna, or turkey, with a topping of veggies and cheese, would be taken when your yoga class finishes up. This yoga diet combines fruitful nutritions, which revive the proteins of the body and preserve energy for the rest of your day.

10. Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk

After every workout, nothing can give you an utmost pleasure than a glass of chocolate milk can. In order to calm down yourself after a yoga class, have chocolate milk to revamp the nutrients of the body. “If you won’t be able to grab a full meal after your class, I suggest refueling with chocolate milk or a high-protein chocolate milk alternative,” says Diana Cullum-Dugan, RDN LDN, Massachusetts-based registered dietitian, and yoga instructor.