Ever imagined the varieties, which can be made from the king of fruits. We bet you have thought only up to a certain point. Mango- a name that dribbles your tongue instantly is considered as a versatile fruit, which can be used in amazing ways in order to make your sunny days a bit more yummy ?.

Summer days are full pakau days in which one only thinks of taking a pleasant nap for hours. Though, it is quite obvious that you feel like sleeping all day long, but, instead of doing the same, you can start up with something more innovative. Buck up and throw away the boring taste of green veggies. Revive your taste buds with some drooling mango recipes ? that can be prepared at your home with great ease.

7 Most Amazing Mango Dishes that you must Try at least once

1. Fresh-Water Prawns in Mango Curry

Prawns mango Curry

This utterly delicious curry is made up of fresh prawns and a few of other sea stuff. They are prepared in green mango gravy. You can have the best prawns in Goa and try this cuisine at the Tantra beach shack. Don’t have a doubt about how well they go with raw mangoes. Trust me it tastes amazing.

2. Mango Mousse

mango mousse

This mouth-watering dessert prepared with whipping cream and mango pulp is all you need this summer. With a couple of ingredients, you can have this delicious sweet course in only 15 minutes. Of course, you have to freeze it down for a while to relish its amazing taste.

3. Mango Payasam

mango payasam

Also known as Mambazha Payasam, Mango Payasam is a South-Indian occasional recipe usually made during the festival of Onam in Kerala. Besides the yummy taste, it is extremely healthy and nutritious as well gaining rich flavours of ripe mangoes, jaggery, ginger, spices, milk and dry fruits. The lip-smacking taste of the dessert will drool your mouth in a fraction of seconds.

4. Smoked Mango Salad

Smoked Mango Salad

A hot wicked summer day is incomplete without a plate of salad. Despite having the usual cucumber and tomatoes in your salad, you can go for this colourful mango packed stuff with smoked chicken that will certainly make you bite your fingers instantly. What more you could ask for than this fruity, crunchy cuisine to beat the heat.

5. Mango Iced Tea

mango iced tea

This fascinating mixture of mango with tea is a perfect solution in the monster summer days. Iced tea is always the best choice to lessen down the effect of heat provided that you have used healthy fruits and natural flavours in it. In just a few simple steps, you can enjoy the tea and have a chilled throat.6. Chilled Mango Cheesecake

6. Chilled Mango Cheesecake

mango cheesecake

The luscious chilled mango cheesecake is an ideal afternoon dessert, which you can savour with your pals in this unbearable boiling season. Smooth as silk, the creamy stuff is made from mango puree, hung curd, and cream.

7. Mango and Mint Kheer

mango mint kheer

Nothing can be compared with the taste of Indian desserts. This utterly palatable desi pudding is a rich combination of Rice kheer with mango puree, nuts, mint, saffron, and cardamom. Your Sunday lunch would be incomplete without this much-loved dessert.