Bread Recipes

One eatable, which comes to our mind when we are alone at home and starving like hell, is only bread. No one can replace that food item with anything else. Bread is something we can think of as a versatile stuff coz it can be used in different ways if one has the power to put emphasis on mind and think beyond the usual bread-butter-jam. Moreover, you can also make some drooling desserts with them occasionally, rather than playing with it in your kitchen.

Apart from the huge case, we have compiled here some easy bread recipes that will perk up your mood instantly, besides, they are damn easy to be made at home in a while. Try these during the leisure time and enjoy their delectable taste. Do let us know if you have some new ideas or suggestions regarding the same. We would appreciate to share it with our audience.

10 Easy and Tasty Bread Recipes

1. Masala toast sandwich:

Masala Toast Sandwich

The widespread masala toast sandwich is quite a popular bakery fare in Southern parts of the country. This hot onion, carrot and tomato loaded stuff is extremely delicious and people prefer it for the morning meal. If preparing at home, you can make it more healthy.

2. Vegetable cheese sandwich:

Vegetable Cheese Sandwich

The classic vegetable cheese sandwich is a perfect breakfast option when it comes to filling your stomach for long hours. The heavy stuffing of protein veggies in the sandwich along with limited cheese tastes awesome when served with a green chutney, plus, it is very nutritious for your health as well.

3. Bread upma:

Bread Upma

If interested in making a contrasting twist to the food, what else you can think of than this. The Indian upma when merged with western bread slices, this yummiest edible you’ll get to revive your mornings.

4. Chilli cheese toast:

Chilli Cheese Toast

The delighting chilli cheese toast is the first love of every kid. This simple toast with chillies and cheese gives an ultimate drooling taste and could be very healthy if taken as a breakfast or a light meal.

5. Bruschetta with multigrain bread:

Bruschetta with multigrain bread

It tastes yum when made with thick bread. However, you can go for any kind of available bread to make this palatable cuisine. To prevent the moisture, make sure to assemble it just before serving.

6. Potato sandwich:

Potato Sandwich

Aaloo is yet another the most favorite food item of the kiddies. When given a tangy twist with the bread, it becomes utterly delightful. To relish a real taste, make it peppier and serve with a hot cup of tea as an evening snack.

7. Bread pizza:

Bread Pizza

Want to have pizza right here, right now? Don’t worry. Just a couple of minutes and you are done. This instant bread pizza needs a few toppings as per your need and some cheese. That’s it.

8. Shahi thukra:

Shahi thurka

Ever wondered the bread slices can be used to make desserts as well? Yes, they can. The desi name for this Indian sweet course is Double ka meetha and it’s prepared with fried bread slices soaked in hot milk with spices, including saffron and cardamom.

9. Vegetable and cheese sandwich:

Vegetable and cheese sandwich

Another light meal snack that can be enjoyed during the evening hours is the vegetable and cheese sandwich. This heavy snack is a mixture of crumbled veggies and cheese, making a filling diet for your light stomach.

10. Savory bread roll:

Savory bread roll

If you are trying to bake the bread at home, this recipe will give you a good start. Stuff according to your needs and try this simple cuisine at home.