Navratri Cuisines

Navratra- the joyous 9 days period, worshipping goddess Durga with vermilion, bangles, fresh odour flowers, bright shimmery clothes, nice aroma incense sticks and a lot more define the divine meaning of the festival.

Categorised as one of the most religious festivals in our Indian culture, Navratra is celebrated across the country with utmost zeal and in distinct forms. The Hindu religion has big devotion towards Goddess Durga as the female divinity has got 9 different avatars in herself and each one of them defines the vigorousness of their character.

The most dedicated devotees of the deity keep fast for all the nine days. However, some go only for the first and the last day up to their reverence. People believe, by doing fasts, they may impress the Goddess and besides, it is also a form of giving regards to her. Usually, the fast cuisines are made up of pure vegetarian stuff and they are considered very good for the health as well.

It is pretty natural that one can’t eat the same stuff over and over again. Festive seasons always give a chance to try out new varieties every day. Navratri recipes are very light cuisines that are good for the stomach and one can easily digest them as well. Here we will discuss the aforementioned and let you know about the different kind of fasting varieties you can go for in your Navratra days.

Embrace the Joy of Festival With these Best Fasting Cuisines

1. Sabudana Khichdi

sabudana khichdi

No wonder why people love Sabudana Khichdi even on the normal days, forget about the fasts. Its peppy taste?makes anyone fall for it instantly. An entirely light diet made up of the key ingredient sabudana, a couple of mild spices and peanuts would be the most lovable cuisine comes first in the list.

2. Samosa of Singhare ka Aata

singhare ke aate ke samose

Next comes the singhare ke aate ke samose. Very delicious in taste, the cuisine comes in the category of an evening snack, which can be enjoyed during the tea time. With the chief ingredient being water chestnut flour, the dish takes rock salt (sendha namak) and spiced chironji nuts for the filling process.

3. Kuttu ka Dosa

kuttu ka dosa

Usually, the buckwheat flour (kuttu ka aata) is taken to prepare the puri’s, which seems kind of boring all the time. However, this time you can try a different variety with the same and enjoy it with a distinct side. Kuttu ka dosa is prepared from the main buckwheat flour and a potato filling.

4. Makhana Kheer

makhana ki kheer

Pissed off with the boring taste of the normal sabudana vrat kheer, here’s what you need to see. The low-fat Euryale Ferox (Makhana) kheer will relish your mouth with its yum taste?. Easy to made, the delightful sweet dish is something you can go for the breakfast, lunch and dinner. The makhana’s with heavily loaded dry fruits make the kheer extremely delectable.

5. Dhokla made by Vratwale Chawal

vratwale chawal dhokle

We bet that you have never heard about this recipe ever before. The Dhokla’s made by vratwale chawal is an all new fast cuisine that gives you a fresh taste from the usual fried puri’s and pakora’s. Made by samvat ke chawal, the food is not only great in taste but also is keeps your diet balanced.

6. Khire ke Pakode

kheere ke pakode

Another interesting peppy recipe for fasts is the khire ke pakode. The crispy cucumber pakoda’s once entered into the mouth, will mix up so well within seconds. Besides, the taste is exquisite as well.