If there are varieties in things, we find choice to choose what we like. There are always some similar and different varieties we can find in things as there are in foods. There are different varieties of foods you can eat around the world that all have their specialties. As like them, in Indian cuisine there are different varieties too.

As India is a diverse country as its food too. Even though Indian cuisine cannot be classified yet it can be into 5 different categories and their subcategories.

North Indian cuisineNorth India Cuisine: People are in North India fond of eating both Veg and Non-veg dishes. A North Indian cuisine is famous for its thick and tasty gravies. Here dishes are served with milk, yoghurt, saffron, cottage cheese, ghee and nuts. People like chillies more in Sabjis and Rotis with Ghee. Besides this sweets are too main favorite. There are famous sweets from every region. Non-Veg is liked too, varieties in it are Lal maans, Safed Maans, meat, chicken and other different varieties of Non-veg.

South Indian cuisineSouth Indian Cuisine: North Indian cannot live without Rotis and South Indian without Rice. The South Indian cuisine is rice based. Mostly dishes are made of rice or you can say every dish has the involvement of rice. Favorite dishes, as we all know, are Dosas, Vadas, Idlis, uttapams servied with Sambhar dal, Rasam and with dry and curried vegetables. There are others too.

As in North India, a Lassi is drunk usually after a meal. Coconut water is the common beverage in South India. The south Indian cuisine is rich with flavors, seasoning, colors, fragrance, nutritional balance, visual appeal and most importantly with taste.

East Indian foodEast Indian Cuisine: the cuisine here is also rice based. So much rice is grown here with vegetables and fruits. The East Indian food is said to be influenced by Chinese and Mongolian cuisine. The food people like here is, simple. The cooking methods include steaming and frying. On the other hand fish is the non-vegetarians’ favorite choice and pork too. People love sweets too with all their open heart. It is said that some of the most popular sweets come from the East India.

West Indian cuisineWest Indian Cuisine: West Indian cuisine consists a wide variety of choice including fish, shellfish, Bombay duck and also pickles and chutneys. Coconut and peanuts are also one of the important ingredients. Popular dishes are, Chicken Xacuti, Thepla, , Fish Curry Laal Maas, Ghewar, Pork Vindaloo.

On the other hand in Gujrat, it is all vegetarian food in spite of having extensive coast line. A typical Gujrati Thali consists of Dal, Roti, Khadi and Rice including sweets. In one word it can be said that Gujrati dishes are sweet, spicy and salty. Some dishes include Surti Locho Recipe, Bajra Lauki Thepla Recipe, Sweet Corn Dhokla recipe.