weight loss friendly food items

Whether you are a teenager or a 40-year old, losing weight is a tedious task, admit it. It is the physic that plays a vital role in defining your personality. Naturally, a person with a toned body structure grabs the eyeballs in an instant click than a paunchy fatso. The fastest way to control your weight is to have a right diet & avoid your favorite foods and for Indians like us, this could be the most difficult task than anything else.

Well, we have a solution here. What if, we enjoy our favorite dishes without compromising with the weight issues? Yeah, this is possible if we encapsulate some intelligent weight loss friendly foods in our diet that balance the calories and remove the ones that are unnecessary. Mentioning below some of the food items that you can swap with the high-calorie stuff and get a right body posture.

A Few Dietary Supplements to Loose Your Weight:

1. Multigrain Bread

Multigrain Bread

Avoid using the regular white bread and start having the multigrain bread, which is a mixture of two or more types of grains. These bread mostly incorporate grains like barley, flax, millet, oats, wheat, and several others. Considered as a rich source of vitamin B, they contain twice the fibre than the usual bread. Nosh them as a morning meal or you can make stuff with that for the evening as well.

2. Aglio Olio Spaghetti

Aglio Olio Spaghetti

Aglio Olio Spaghetti is a nice swap for a white sauce green pasta. 90% of the fast-food lovers relish the latter owing to its yummy taste. But, you guys don’t know that this yummilicious food has got a bunch of unwanted calories, which is arguably unsafe for your health. Instead of taking this high-calorie dish, you can for the aglio olio spaghetti that is purely prepared with whole wheat and rich in olive oil.

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3. Green Tea

Green Tea

It is always suggested by many of the yoga instructors that having a cup green tea before going for a yoga session is extremely beneficial. But, people choose caffeine over it because of the taste. For all the office going persons, a healthy green tea is more salubrious than coffee as it keeps the level of calories in order and keeps you off the unnecessary carbohydrates.

4. Oats


Oats are again one of the healthiest breakfast meals gaining both soluble and insoluble fibre. Swap them with a bowl of normal cereal and add in a routine diet. These rich fibers help in lowering the cholesterol levels in the body. Besides, Horlicks oats are proved to be delicious as well when opted as an option for making dishes.

5. Fresh Fruits and Non-Fat Yogurt

Fresh Fruits and Non-Fat Yogurt

Fruits are always the best dietary supplements for every season. They enhance the amount of water and minerals in the body and must be taken after the morning exercise daily. Besides, you can also replace the yummy ice-creams with fresh fruits at night. Talking about the non-fat yogurt, this low-fat version of ice-cream is very effective and maintains the right proportion weight on a constant basis.

6. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

Fried stuff is always a NO. Despite, a tandoori cuisine will keep you healthy and certainly be the best option to choose for. So, for the non-veg lovers or more precisely the chicken lovers, we are here with the best deal, which will let you relish the delectable flavor of the dish while keeping you healthy as well. You can swap the oily chicken with the tandoori as the latter one has turmeric anti-oxidant spice that keeps you off from diseases.