Ice Creams that Make You Drool Right Away

Ice creams are something, which one can bear for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Isn’t it? Obviously, I am referring it here as the sweet course, which is taken after the meal. Everybody loves a scrumptious bowl of ice-cream?, no matter how sugary it is. Whether, you are feeling exhausted☹ or extremely happy?, a gigantic spoon full of ice cream creates a weird magic in your mind and you feel like all energetic right away.

A mere thought of cream, nuts, chocolate, and vanilla give goosebumps in a matter of seconds. Imagine, when you have got presented with varieties of ice creams in front of you, what would be your first reaction?

As an ice cream lover, I have scrounged the web and found some maniacs who have tried bizarre experiments with various ingredients, which in turn, ended at some yummilicious stuff. The routine ingredients like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc are like our daily companions, the need of which could arise anytime in an entire day. Check out a couple of unique and awesome creams and nuts combination flavors, which we have summarized here for you guys. I bet, this will certainly drive you crazy.

10 Different Flavored Ice Creams

1. Cheese Ice Cream from the Philippines

Cheese Ice Cream

If there is something which creates magic when poured with real cheddar cheese, this is it. The special mouth-watering Cheese Ice Cream served by the Philippines is a dessert of fresh fruits and a piece of nasty dark chocolate syrup.

2.  Iran’s Faloodeh

Iran's Faloodeh

The lip-smacking faloodeh is basically originated from Iran and a cold dessert, which consists of thin vermicelli noodles. This delicacy can be best enjoyed with your partner in a fresh romantic evening.

3. Germany’s Spaghetties

Germany's Spaghetties

Have you ever imagined a combined flavor of pasta noodles and ice cream? I know, it sounds weird, but, trust me on this, when you have it, the smooth and velvety vanilla ice cream will create a spellbound taste in your mouth. It is drawn from a pasta maker with pureed silky strawberry served as topping.

4. Israel’s Halva Ice Cream

Israel's Halva Ice Cream

Don’t think of it as a traditional sooji ka halva, which is served cold. It’s a genuine Israel dessert prepared from sesame seeds and honey. Well-known in the local markets over there, this rich and creamy sweet course is loved by people of all ages. This sweet confection is extremely common in the Middle East. Though it’s a bit dry, but, there’s an earthy softness to it.

5. Italy’s Burrata Ice Cream

Italy's Burrata Ice Cream

Wanna salivate? You need nothing but these: Burrata Ice Cream. This Italian cheese-driven mozzarella and cream dessert is truly an alternative to vanilla. Who else doesn’t want a velvety ice cream layer sprinkled with caramelized sugar? The mere thought itself drops a drool from the mouth.

6. Japan’s Curry Ice Cream

Japan's Curry Ice Cream

The sweet crunch of shredded carrots when mixed with curry flavored goodness, this is what the combination looks like. Japan is a tradition country same as ours. This is quite unimaginable that the traditional food of India, which you love the most can turn into an ice cream. But, that’s true!!

7. Fried Ice Creams

Fried Ice Creams

Do you ever think ice creams to be crunchy outside and soft inside? This Japanese invention will let you feel what I have mentioned here. They are always served right from the frying pan. The mouth-watering crispy layer protects the yummilicious ice cream inside, which when swallowed from the tongue, creates a magical taste.

8. East Hampton’s Sundae

East Hampton Sundae

East Hampton’s sundae is a creamy pudding made with a mixture of root beer, toasted marshmallows, and macerated cherries. The goodness of all these ingredients will make your taste buds go crazy in just one bite.

9. Blueberry Corn Ice Cream

Blueberry Corn Ice Cream

The origin of this amazing desert is pretty hard to find, though, it is very popular and widely available across worldwide. What if the already yummilicious fruit gets the flavor of sweet corn? The corn flavored twist when rolled into the mouth, the taste can not be described in words. It is just magical.

10. Italy’s Semifreddo

Italy's Semifreddo

Doesn’t it look amazing? Its taste will make your buds drool with a scrumptious flavor of part mousse and part ice cream. The richness of melted chocolate or pureed fruits is what you have to try at least once, after that you’ll find an empty bowl of the ice cream in your hands within 5 minutes.