Mardi Gras is a popular homemade ice cream parlour in the U.S.A., where homemade ice creams have been making by the owner Mrs. Mita Shah for 15 years. It is seasonally open and offers a wide range of new and lip-smacking flavours in its 48-flavour catalog. For this summer season, the most favourite flavour is the “sitafel”, which she brought early in 2015.

This ice cream has been made up of cherimoya, also called the custard apple. Mrs. Shah said,

“She sold 10 gallons in one week”.

Strawberry rhubarb sorbet, Asian berry and “fire and ice” are the flavours, which are also available in her shop. She said,

“She’s also working on a spicy chai ice cream. Whatever I eat, I think in ice cream form”.

The price range for adults’ scoops is U.S. $2.99 and for chidren’s scoops is U.S. $2.65. Most of the kids love the “Blue Moon”, which is also known as cotton candy at other stores. 15 years ago, she started her ice cream parlour with less traditional flavours, such as mango, pistachio and ginger.

She stated,

“She started making ice cream for in-laws, who, like her, are vegetarians from India. I love cooking and cooking is my thing”.

Mardi Gras closes for the winter as her husband Mr. Dilip Shah said,

“She likes the snow, it means time off”.

In the winter season, she is busy with doing different types of experiment at home on the ice cream and develop new combinations and flavours.

Her shop also provides fat-free and sugar-free ice creams, traditional parlour favourites like banana splits and shakes, plus special-occasion cakes, both with and without ice creams. The timings of Mardi Gras are from 1:00 to 9:30 pm daily and for more details, call 614-766-2020.