We, Indians brag about their cooking and their love of wide varieties in their foods. From the extremely tasty tikkas to rasams and biryanis to rasgullas, we have it all in our bag. While, such delectable yummies are not just loved by us, but become favourite of some Hollywood celebrities too.

There is something special about our country delicacies, by which international celebrities entice and visit India again and again for such toothsome Indian dishes, that are really palatable to taste.

Here, we are giving you some lowdown regarding hollywood celebrities with their fondness for Indian food:

David Cameron


The British Prime Minister David Cameron, who visited India and experienced many good things. And, from all those experiences, Indian food is one of the best parts in his wonderful venture of India. He described about our country food as “a great British industry” and also showed his assist by trying to encourage the recruitment of expert Indian chefs. He liked some peppery Indian food, which are popularly known as “curry” in Britain.

Lady Gaga


The popular singer, which is commonly known for its strange taste in everything. Lady Gaga loved spices to a great extent and for that she always ready to go in the Indian food coma. She elaborated by saying that she was fond of Indian spices and would like to eat it every day.

Tom Cruise


Tom Crusie is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood industry, who seeks a lot for Indian food. During talks to a magazine, the actor expressed his affection for Indian food and said,

“I ate the hottest curry they had. Man, I loved it. I couldn’t get enough”.

Arnold Schwarzeneggar

Arnold Schwarzenegger


An American actor, who visited India and had dine-out in the Bukhara restaurant in ITC Maurya. He loved delicious Indian Mughlai food, which was served there. He also appreciated chef for his culinary skills of this restaurant. His tweet said,

“I loved the food. I’ve loved my trip to India. Here I am with the biggest piece of naan in Delhi”.

Matt Damon


The actor has been visited India not once but twice and when he returned after sixteen years for his organization Water.org, he was in wonder of Indian food and during a conversation with the media, he said,

“I’ve been eating nothing but Indian food since I landed. I love it! That’s kind of a luxury for me, eating all the local food. I just love anything that’s curried. I love spice too. I like it a bit hot”.

Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts is a renowned actress, who absolutely in love with Indian dishes and everyone was surprised when she ate rice, chapati, aloo-gobi, and mattar-paneer with her hands during the shooting for “Eat Pray Love”. She said,

“It’s amazing how much Indian food you can eat in five weeks. I’m pretty picky and I really like Indian food. Just every once in a while, you run into something that is so amazingly spicy that you’re just sweating all through dinner”.

Bill Gates


Bill gates is one of the famous American business tycoons, who fell in love with Indian food, especially the tandoori flavour of Le Meridian’s. While, when he visited India, he tested some daal and kebabs, and he was so impressed that he even wrote a remark on the menu card itself,

“Excellent experience! Something the chefs and the owner have preserved and laminated with pride”.

Chelsea Clinton


She is the only child of the former U.S.A. President Bill Clinton, who has been tried many varieties of Indian curry and she preferred for the North Indian khaana compared to Southern meals.