Food is something that everyone loves it, wants to eat and always ready to talk about it. As, India is known as a country of food with different tastes, cuisines and culinary styles, so it is one of the main reasons, which attract the tourists to visit India.

Chefs- when we all of us hear this name, we think about food, how delicious food they cook with many varieties and lots of thoughts would come to our mind. The chef is the one, who is highly skilled professional cook and perfect in cooking all types of food. Now, talking about Indian chefs, there are many chefs in India who are very popular and many of us admire their cooking style. But, some great chefs are there, who proved that they are the best and also the world’s accept that they are excellent in their profession. So, here we introduce top 5 master chefs of India and also their some interesting facts, popular books and dishes of them.

Popular Master Chefs of India:

Sanjeev Kapoor


One of the top chefs in India who makes his appearance in the television frequently. Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor had done diploma in hotel management from Indian Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM). “FOOD FOOD”, the famous television channel which is owned by him and host of Khana Khazana, a popular cookery program shown on ZEE TV channel too. At present, he is the host of famous TV show that is Masterchef on Star Plus. He also won the award for “Best Executive Chef of India”.

Popular books

  • Low Calorie Vegetarian Cookbook
  • Khazana of Indian Recipes
  • Any Time Temptations

Some famous dishes of Sanjeev Kapoor

  • Cholar Dal
  • Kesari Shrikhand
  • Baby Corn Paneer ke Pakode
  • Chocolate Kulfi

Anjum Anand


She is an Indo-Brit food writer and famous chef of Indian dishes. She is the first, who writes about Indian recipes. Despite of cooking, she has a degree in European business administration and also ran a business of importing furniture from Eastern Europe. In hotel restaurants, she had worked in the kitchens and in Park Royal Hotel which is situated in New Delhi, worked as a waitress too.

Popular books

  • Quick & Easy Indian
  • Indian Vegetarian Feast
  • Eat right fit your body type

Some famous dishes of Anjum Anand

  • Malabar Prawn Biryani
  • Cupcake
  • Pancake
  • Paneer and Pepper Karahi

Hari Nayak


One of the best and renowned Indian chefs in North America and also a great author who has written number of books. Hari Nayak owns his food consultant service as perfect in creating delicious Indian dishes by using easy techniques with classic flavors.

Popular books

  • Modern Indian Cooking
  • Easy Indian Cooking
  • My Indian Kitchen

Some famous dish of Hari Nayak

  • Grilled Naan Pizza
  • Green Chili Roast Chicken
  • The Versatile Corn
  • Butter Nut Squash & Apple Soup with Indian Spices

Vikas Khanna


The famous Indian chef, whose dishes and cooking styles get admired by almost everyone. He started his journey of cooking as a helper in his mother’s kitchen and later on, he started his program SAANCH, which is a cultural festival. Here, he brings food and traditions together from different parts of India. He is the one of the most amazing chef of India.

Popular books

  • Vikas Khanna Ayurveda – The Science of Food and Life
  • Mango Mia – Celebrating the tropical world of Mangoes
  • The Spicy Story of India

Some famous dishes of Vikas Khanna

  • Chocolate Pudding with Tropical Fruits
  • Lobster in green chilies and coconut curry
  • Paneer Picatta
  • Mango Yogurt Lassi with Saffron

Tarla Dalal


India’s best cookery author which has written around 30 books and many of them been translated in various languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali and also in Russian and Dutch. She has won the Padma Shri award by the President of India.

Popular books

  • Chawal
  • The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cook
  • Swadisht Subzian

Some dishes by Tarla Dalal

  • Chenna Malpua
  • Raabdi with Bajra Roti
  • Chana Dal Aur Gur Chawal
  • Mogar Aur Chasni Chawal