The pressure of public is now increasing to get served healthier and nutritious food at restaurants specially for the kids’ meal. For this, the famous fast-food restaurant chain- Burger King, has dropped soft drinks from kids’ meal and offers healthy drinks like low calorie chocolate milk, apple juice and fat-free milk which are full of nutrients.

The outlets of the Burger King in Canada and the U.S.A., where soft drinks are on the menu list but, available for adults, which need to be ordered separately.

World Health Organization (WHO) said that, “Lower sugar intake to less than 5% of daily calories.” The same changes have also been done by McDonald’s and Wendy’s to drop out soft drinks from their children’s meals and now follows by the Burger King.


Burger King said that, “It was adopting nutrition standards for kids from the children’s food and beverage advertising in initiative, a voluntary industry standard for advertising and marketing to children”.

According to the nutritionists, soft drinks are the main source which enhances calories in the children’s diet. It is necessary to stay aware for the restaurants, as people prefer for fresher with better nutrition food rather than spicy and junk food.

Both Burger King and McDonald’s are making significant moves in an attempt to capture the business of health conscious millennials and baby-boomers”, said by Mr. Sylvain Charlesbois, professor of food distribution and policy at the University of Guelph. He also stated that, “There is a big shift going on now with McDonald’s and Burger King and all other fast-food chains, in how they design the menu and how they deliver their products to consumers”.