Nowadays, summers are at the top level like a hot hurricane, always in burning rush and the scorching sun, which affects everyone’s mind and body. To keep the mind cool during the hot days, the only perfect and delicious option is ice cream with great flavours.

Ice cream is one of the favourite elements of everyone after a lunch or a dinner eaten as a dessert. This summer we present you a list of ice cream parlours that are popular so, just visiting them and enjoy with your toothsome ice cream.

Follwing are the ice cream parlours across the India:



The largest ice cream chain in India, that serves awesome flavours. We can say that Baskin-Robbins is a home of delicious cones, shakes, treats, cakes, pies and more! It has more than 400 outlets in 95 cities across the India.

Hokey Pokey


The Mumbai-based ice cream brand Hokey Pokey, that is popular for flavourful ice cream with brimming of taste. It has 15 outlets across Mumbai, Pune, Nasik and by the end of this year, 18 more branches will open in the country.



The ice cream company of India, located in 19 states. It offers the finest product quality with new and classic innovative ideas for the customers.

Gelato Roma


The famous ice cream parlour, which serves delicious, no-chemicals, no-additives, low sugar ice creams in limited flavours. The most popular are Roasted Pistachios and the Dark Chocolate flavours.

Natural Icecreams


As the name resembles, it offers to their customers natural ice creams, with no chemical ingredients. There is a wide range of varieties in ice cream, which are palatable to taste.

India Hobby Centre (Kolkata)


India Hobby Centre is one of the finest ice cream parlours and then, captivating the ice cream addict. The Black Forest Sundae is well-known ice cream, which everyone loves at its first sight. Here, everything is perfect to beat hot days.

Saras Parlour ( Jaipur)


Saras Parlour is one of the popular ice cream parlour in the pink city (Jaipur), which is well-known not for only its ice cream, but also famous for its dairy products. It is a nice place to visit and enjoy with tasty flavours of ice cream, such as Vanilla, Tuti Frooty and Kesar Pista.