Today, Tamil people will be celebrating and enjoying their Tamil New Year (Puthandu) and also Baisakhi is there, that will be celebrated by Sikh and Punjabi people with full enthusiasm. On Tamil New Year, a tray with full of fruits, gold/silver jewelry, money, flowers and a mirror, all these things are placed in a tray and it’s a ritual that, in the morning, first viewed in the mirror.

While, on Baisakhi, people are celebrating this day by performing dance and cooking different dishes with unique flavours, that are palatable to taste. So, for these festivals, two grand feasts are holding today. The first one at Malgudi, which is the Southern cuisine restaurant at the Savera Hotel, look ahead to present the best delicacies from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The dishes are from Erra thokku to Thoothkudi aattu erachi and Paal adai prathaman and many more are there.

And, the second one, which is holding at Le Royal Mereidin’s Navaratna, where you can enjoy with the best North Indian dishes on your plate. A Wide range of varieties are available for authentic dishes and one can enjoy the royal way at Navaratna with a classic beat of the dhol. So, go with an empty stomach and come with a full stomach!

For more enquiries at Malgudi in Savera Hotel, call 9710947361 and for Navaratna in Le Royal Meridien call 22314343 and also for advance booking call at this same number.