Best coffee shops for urban mumbaikars

Coffee shops are the most constant hangout places for the youth nowadays. The rapid enhancement of cafeterias in the suburbs is the clear indication why people love to spend time at these spots and relish their favorite beverage. Besides, coffee shops are now much more interesting as well. The themed interior profile makes them eye-candies.

Mumbai- a city, which runs 24×7 is having coffee connoisseurs all over the rich crowded places that are absolutely in for a treat. Whether you want the mesmerizing visuals of the Arabian Sea or want a peaceful, simple date with your partner near Nariman Point, we have tried to cover here a couple of highly popular coffee shops for urban Mumbaikars, which they’ll be certainly going to visit after an entirely tiring day. So, have a look and enjoy your evenings with a hot cup of perfectly-brewed coffee.

8 Best Coffee Shops for Urban Mumbaikars

1. Kala Ghoda Cafe

Kala Ghoda Cafe

Bifurcated as a cafe, a bakery, and a gallery, the Kala Ghoda Cafe is undoubtedly a place for an informal meeting. The whole concept sits in Mumbai’s historic Jahangir Art Gallery with a catacomb wooden ceiling and two giant sky lanterns. The art-works of the legends like MF Hussain, Sabbavala, and Amitabh Bachhan are the most alluring treats in the cafe alongside the delicious food and fresh steaming coffee.

2. Coffee Diaries

coffee diaries

This no so huge place in Andheri West, Mumbai would be a great hangout destination for teens. Incorporating innovative themes like book shelves having a variety of comics, magazines, etc., board games, funky Mumbaiya local touch with cute auto-rickshaws, bright lamps, vibrant photographs covering the walls are a couple of stuff that grabs the eye-balls. Besides, the concept looks entirely distinct from the usual cafes we have seen yet.

3. Coffee By Di Bella

coffee by di bella

Made its inception in 2002, Brisbane, Australia, the Coffee by Di Bella is now having stores across Mumbai and some other regions of India as well. With perfect golden ambiance, offbeat phrases written on the walls, the cafe looks exceptionally cool and is truly happening for the Mumbaikars.

4. Suzette

Suzette cafe

A petite comfortable place is well-known for its crepes. With a distinct french feel, this cafe is unlike any other in Mumbai. The famous buttery crepes prepared in the pure Brittany fashion would drool your taste-buds in a few minutes. With dim lightning, ample number of tables, cozy cushioned couches, and a romantic aura are the plus factors that make the spot a bit more rejuvenating.

5. Love & Latte

Love and Latte

Inspired by a young girl, who fell in love with the quaint tiny baristas in Italy when went for a vacation in Italy, the Love and Latte is truly the exact replica of what she envisioned in her dreams. With seven outlets littered in the suburbs of Mumbai, the place is damn cozy with a variety of brews being offered.

6. The Sea Lounge, The Taj, Colaba

The Sea Lounge

Having a quick sneak-peek over the cafe, the place has got pale sea-coloured walls, elegant chandeliers, fascinating wooden flooring, mesmerizing view of the Arabian Sea, and soft melodies, which makes it the most magical coffee shop in the city. Located at the first floor of the iconic erection, Taj, the place is undoubtedly a visual treat to the Mumbai youngsters.

7. D’Crepes Cafe

D'Crepes Cafe

Situated in Vasant Vihar, Thane, the D’Crepes Cafe looks sweet, cute and adorable from the interiors. Besides, the menu will give you some distinct variety as compared to the usual stuff you may find in the other cafeterias. If planning for a Sunday brunch with a group of pals, the spot is certainly the best in Thane with good food and aura.

8. Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Simple yet captivating- the best way to describe the cafe. For all the book-worms, this is a place for you guys. Kitab-Khana, yes, the area where the Food for Thought is tucked away. This charming European-style bistro is having pale pista-coloured walls with funky movie posters glued on that, mellow lightning, bright wooden furnishings, which is indeed enough to make your day.