Best Restaurants in Jaipur

Monsoon?- A season of love, a season of long rides, a season for spending long hours at the beach, and a season to hangout with friends at your favorite rainy adda, is certainly the best season to die for. Beating the summers, the raindrops have finally started poking the ground and it’s now time to check out some cool hangout places with your friends and seize the most amazing side of nature in your eyes.

Here we are discussing 6 best places in Jaipur that are worth a visit this monsoon. For all the college going buddies and teenage youth, hangout destinations have always been one of the prominent parts of their day to day life. In the search of a new place each day, they explore every other restaurant and celebrate the weather. So, let’s make their hunt easy and let them know about good hangout locations in Jaipur to enjoy the monsoons.

6 Hangout Locations in Jaipur to Enjoy the Rainy Season

1. The Urban Hub

The Urban Hub Cafe Jaipur

Categorized as a social hub, the Urban Hub Cafe is a good hangout place if you’re a bookworm. The place incorporates a fresh aura where one can spend a considerable time with pals, books and the rains, of course. The must try dishes over there are shake Frappe, Paneer Wrap, and Brownie shake. You can go there alone or take a group of buddies with yourself, the hub has it all to deliver you the best relaxation time. Also, there’s a comfort zone where you can take your laptop and work for hours.

2. Chai Chaska

Chai Chaska Jaipur

Tag-lined as ‘A cup of love’, Chai Chaska is a restaurant that serves best of tea varieties. Rains are incomplete without a cup of tea, and to let you enjoy the ‘baarish’ at its maximum, Chai Chaska offers a wide range of servings in which Masala Tea comes on top following a long list of beverages such as Mocktails, Ice tea, Shakes, etc. Talking about the ambiance, the place is a must watch during the monsoon with your friends as chairs can be grabbed outside in open to delight the weather.

3. Thadi

Thadi Tea Lounge

Interesting village-type architecture blended with an innovative style, transform the place from a normal cafe to a sophisticated hangout location. Thadi- a lovely rooftop tea lounge is a spacious area where you can enjoy a variety of beverages and sense the aroma of monsoon side by side. The combination of raindrops and a sip of Chai out there will make your day. You can relish snacks like cheese garlic bread or pasta with your friends.

4. Tapri Central

Tapri Central

All the cafes & restaurants in Jaipur on one side and Tapri on one side. I bet nothing can match the latter when it comes to the aura and the external view. Located at C-Scheme, Tapri is a spot engaging beautiful ambiance in an ethnic style. Whether it is the food, or the vibe, or the outside scenery, everything there is just beyond awesome. Specially, during the evening hours when the sun sets, the view looks amazing and totally mesmerizes every other person out there. Don’t skip the place during the monsoon and sip a cup of ginger tea. Apart from this, masala maggie and sandwiches are also the popular stuff there.

5. Saras Parlor

Saras Parlor Jaipur

Next coming on the list is the Saras Parlour. Saras- a well-known brand of fresh milk stuff has its own dairy parlor at the JLN marg. It’s an open area, which serves great food alongside shakes and flavored ice-creams. The popular ‘Paneer Pakoda’ and ‘Doodh Jalebi’ are the snacks, which are most enjoyed by the family and friends. Overall, a nice place to check out during the rainy evenings.

6. Padao Restaurant

Padao Restaurant Nahargarh

Nahargarh- A place in Jaipur, which comes first on the hit list of monsoon destinations in the pink city carries an attractive restaurant named Padao that you can visit with your friends or the love of your life. The place flaunts a hilarious side during the rainy season and when you enjoy this weather with exotic drinks and food, it would be like a cherry on the cake. The breeze, the aura, the lighting, the sunset, everything is just superb from there.