There was a time when people used to buy things just to effectuate their necessity, but with passage the time, things have changed. The meaning of necessity has become different. People do things for their pleasure, interest, show off, and a lot more, and this is why they always go for the options, which satisfy all their requirements, but in a budget friendly manner.

The similar mindset can be seen for the autos. However, this is the niche where people think twice before heading towards it. But, in India, where every next person tries to impose their theory on factors regarding mileage, performance, price, etc. on every other person, it starts generating a storm of questions in our mind. Well, then it becomes a terrible job to ride a car under own knowledge.

Instead of making your mind restless by those suggestions, just look at the section below, you will find the best hatchback cars with their specifications. Interested people may take a close look to these top hatchback cars in India that offer best interior and quality features.

Here is the list of Top Ten Best Hatchbacks in India

1. Renault Kwid

Unveiled first at the 2014 Auto Expo, the Kwid is the first model to be based on the Nissan-Renault Alliance CMF-A platform. The SUV-inspired design with high ground clearance makes it different from the others in the segment. As the youngsters are looking for the best music system, the automaker also offers you a state-of-the-art modern 18-inch touchscreen MediaNAV multimedia system along with two speakers. Moreover, an AMT version is also expected to be launched soon in the Indian market with 1.0-litre motor.

Renault Kwid

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Engine Type Petrol
Displacement  799cc
 Max Power  53.3bhp@5678rpm
 Max Torque  72Nm@4386rpm
 Transmission  5 Speed MT
 City/Highway Mileage  22.89 kmpl / 25.17 kmpl
 Price (ex-showroom, New Delhi)  INR 2.7 – 3.8 Lakhs
 Top Speed  135 kmph
Acceleration(0-100)  16 Seconds

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2. Maruti Alto 800

Recently, the automaker has launched a facelift version of its Alto 800 with some mild updates like a new bumper, high mounted headlights, fog lamps at the front, while rear gets crystal tail-lights. New fabric on the doors and seats has also been added to the interior as well and a driver side airbag is also available as a standard attachment across all its variants.

Maruti Alto 800

Engine Type Petrol
Displacement  799cc
 Max Power 47.3bhp@6000rpm
 Max Torque 69Nm@3500rpm
 Transmission  5 Speed MT
 City/Highway Mileage 20.3 kmpl / 24.7 kmpl
 Price (ex-showroom, New Delhi) INR 2.6– 3.9 Lakhs
 Top Speed  140 kmph
Acceleration(0-100)  19 Seconds

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3. Datsun Redi-Go

It is the latest iteration in the market under the brand of Datsun and stands on the similar CMF-A platform as the Kwid. Besides, the Redi-Go also shares many similar features with the Kwid. The entry level hatchback has been offered in five different variants along with five exterior colors as well.

Datsun RediGo

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Engine Type Petrol
Displacement  799cc
 Max Power  53.3bhp@5678rpm
 Max Torque  72Nm@4386rpm
 Transmission  5 Speed MT
 City/Highway Mileage  21.38 kmpl / 25.17 kmpl
 Price (ex-showroom, New Delhi) INR 2.38 – 3.34 Lakhs

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4. Honda Jazz

Honda is one of the most popular automaker here in the country owing to its best design and features. To expand its market, the automaker first launched the Jazz hatchback in India back in 2009 with a petrol engine option only. Currently, it runs under the numberplate of third generation model and features a range of attractive equipments to lure the buyers.

Honda Jazz

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Engine Type Petrol Diesel
Displacement 1199 cc 1498 cc
Max Power 88.7bhp@6000rpm 98.6bhp@3600rpm
Max Torque 110Nm@4800rpm 200Nm@1750rpm
Transmission 5 Speed MT 6 Speed MT
City/Highway Mileage 14.5 kmpl / 19.0 kmpl 23.3 kmpl / 27.3 kmpl
Price (ex-showroom) INR 5.7 – 8.4 Lakhs INR 7.1 – 9.2 Lakhs
Top Speed 172 kmph 172 Kmph
Acceleration(0-100) 13.7 Seconds 13.7 Seconds
Engine Type Petrol Petrol

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5. Tata Tiago

After years of effort and experience, Tata has come out with a nice design under the moniker of Tiago. Based on an all-new platform, Tiago comprises with all the basic as well as best in class features. It offers you to choose among the 16 trim levels that are powered by 2 engine option and a single manual transmission, while an AMT version is also on the launch card in the near future.

Tata Tiago

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Engine Type Petrol Diesel
Displacement 1199 cc 1047 cc
Max Power 84bhp@6000rpm 69bhp@4000rpm
Max Torque 114Nm@3500rpm 140Nm@1800-3000rpm
Transmission 5 Speed MT 5 Speed MT
City/Highway Mileage 19.24 kmpl / 23.84 kmpl 23.28 kmpl / 27.28 kmpl
Price (ex-showroom) INR 3.3 – 4.9 Lakhs INR 4.1 – 5.7 Lakhs

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6. Maruti Baleno

We all have witnessed the great success of Maruti Suzuki in India for its Alto 800 and Swift  hatchback and now, the Baleno that was launched during the festive season in last year is matter of great success to the company. It is available in four versions and seven color options. With the popularity of automatic variant among the buyers, the automaker has also come up with an option for AMT, but only with a single petrol engine unit.

Maruti Baleno

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Engine Type Petrol Diesel
Displacement 1197 cc 1248 cc
Max Power 83.1bhp@6000rpm 74bhp@4000rpm
Max Torque 115Nm@4000rpm 190Nm@2000rpm
Transmission 5 Speed MT 5 Speed MT
City/Highway Mileage 17.8 kmpl / 21.4 kmpl 22.59 kmpl / 27.39 kmpl
Price (ex-showroom) INR 5.2 – 7.8 Lakhs INR 6.5 – 8.5 Lakhs
Top Speed 150 kmph 160 Kmph
Acceleration(0-100) 13 Seconds 15 Seconds

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7. Volkswagen Polo

Despite the exuberant power, bold and aggressive design and eye-catching features, Volkswagen Polo has somehow managed to find a commendable amount of consumers in the Indian car market. Even so, the Polo is the best model of the company that maintains its strong market position here in the country.

Volkeswagon Polo

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Engine Type Petrol Diesel
Displacement 1198 cc 1498 cc
Max Power 74bhp@5400rpm 88.7bhp@4200rpm
Max Torque 110Nm@3750rpm 230Nm@1500-2500rpm
Transmission 5 Speed MT 5 Speed MT
City/Highway Mileage 14.12 kmpl / 16.47 kmpl 16.02 kmpl / 20.14 kmpl
Price (ex-showroom) INR 5.5 – 9.2 Lakhs INR 7.0 – 9.3 Lakhs
Top Speed 165 kmph 163 Kmph
Acceleration(0-100) 14.2 Seconds 16.1 Seconds
Engine Type Petrol Petrol

8. Ford Figo

The next-generation Ford Figo is a complete package of aerodynamic exterior design, cutting-edge technology, and powerful engines that are fuel efficient as well. Loaded with maximum features, Figo is something exceptionally bizarre and comes within a pocket-friendly range. Available in seven vibrant shades, the hatchback offers you the best of everything.

Ford Figo

Check on-road price:

Engine Type Petrol Diesel
Displacement 1196 cc 1498 cc
Max Power 86.8bhp@6300rpm 99bhp@3750rpm
Max Torque 112Nm@4000rpm 215Nm@1750-3000rpm
Transmission  5 Speed MT  5 Speed MT
City/Highway Mileage 14.68 kmpl / 18.16 kmpl 22.4 kmpl / 25.83 kmpl
Price (ex-showroom) INR 4.6 – 6.7 Lakhs INR 5.7 – 7.8 Lakhs
Top Speed 157 kmph 170 Kmph
Acceleration(0-100) 15.7 Seconds 11.6 Seconds

9. Hyundai Elite i20

One of the most preferred brands in the Indian auto market, Hyundai has got a charmer named Elite i20, which is certainly a perfect combination of style, comfort, and fair performance. With top-notch interior quality and striking looks, the premium hatchback has a diversified list of features like projector headlamps, touchscreen infotainment device, etc. Due to the aggressive styling, the car is admired by a large number of Indian car enthusiasts.

Hyundai Elite i20

Check on-road price:

Engine Type Petrol Petrol
Displacement 1197 cc 1396 cc
Max Power 81.83bhp@6000rpm 88.73bhp@4000rpm
Max Torque 114.7Nm@4000rpm 219.7Nm@1500-2750rpm
Transmission 5 Speed MT 6 Speed MT
City/Highway Mileage 13.3 kmpl / 18.6 kmpl 18.4 kmpl / 22.54kmpl
Price (ex-showroom) INR 5.7 – 7.7 Lakhs INR 6.9 – 9.0 Lakhs
Top Speed 170 kmph 180 Kmph
Acceleration(0-100) 13.2 Seconds 11.9 Seconds

10. Nissan Micra

For all those who love to drive, here’s the best hatchback in the segment- Nissan Micra, which enthralls you with its trendy styling, sporty edges, and unusual innovative features. To ignite a pleasurable drive, Micra would be the best choice. Some of the prominent features of the car are an intelligent key system to unlock your car and rear view mirror monitor.

Nissan Micra

Check out on-road price of Nissan Micra

Engine Type Petrol Petrol
Displacement 1198 cc 1461 cc
Max Power 75bhp@6000rpm 63.1bhp@4000rpm
Max Torque 104Nm@4400rpm 160Nm@2000rpm
Transmission 5 Speed MT 5Speed MT
City/Highway Mileage 16.12 kmpl / 19.34 kmpl 19.5 kmpl / 23.08 kmpl
Price (ex-showroom) INR 5.5 – 6.1 Lakhs INR 5.9 – 7.7 Lakhs
Top Speed 158 kmph 160 Kmph
Acceleration(0-100) 14.2 Seconds 14 Seconds