Thadi Teas Lounge Jaipur

Teens and the other college groupies have always been on a hunt for some new, cool hangout places in suburbs to enjoy their leisure time with frank conversations and a nice meal?. To keep the young customer base satisfied, many cafe owners and restaurant holders endeavour something unique and trendy to their area so that it grabs their quick attention. Nowadays, the trend of themed cafeteria’s are in a rush and they make the place more happening and vogue as well. Besides, they are fruitful for the owners too as today’s crowd love to check in at these cafe’s.

Today we have decided to introduce you with one of the tempting hangout eateries of the Pink City, which I bet you can not resist missing after having its entire tour here. Even the name sounds extremely cool- Thadi . The tea lounge apart from its title has a variety of snacks and beverages☕️ as per your choice. So, let’s check out this cool desi adda for the juvenile Jaipurites.

Explore the new hangout destination, Thadi- The Tea Lounge

1. Themed Rajasthani Ambiance


Rajasthani Themed Wall

Keeping in mind the taste of the youngsters of Rajasthan, the interiors of Thadi have got printed walls incorporating the themed Rajasthani culture. Besides this, small other stuff here and there around the whole area like cute petite thela’s, chai kettles, bright shimmering lanterns add up a bit more of grace to the entire theme. If scratching your head to find a chilling place, hit on at Thadi.

2. Thadi Rooftop

Thadi Rooftop

What could be better than taking a sip of tea under the wide skies, sensing a cool gentle breeze in a dusky evening? The rooftop ambiance of the cafe can truly mesmerize one in a fraction of seconds. For all the chai lovers, get up and relish ‘ek cup chai jo mood banaye’ in the themed aura of this rooftop. Moreover, you will find a cute small section covered with timber shades, enclosed with trendy furniture and a cycle to create a village representation.

3. The Separate Smoking Zone

Smoking Zone

90 percent of the young masses are addicted to drinking and smoking. Thadi incorporates a separate smoking zone besides the food area. Cigarette chain smokers would find this section damn cool for themselves. In many of the restaurants, you have not seen a disparate drinking or smoking zone rather they do not allow to smoke in the premises as well, which is perfectly appropriate. The idea aforementioned is pretty nice and innovative.

4. A Diversified Variety of Tea

Thadi Menu

In general, you have found that normally the varieties of beverages are up to a certain number at most of the eateries. The rich menu card of Thadi flaunts around 40-50 different kinds of tea alongside other drinks. If you are a big group who love sort of different types of thirst quenchers, then you can certainly go for the varieties and present your reviews as per your perspective.

5. The Party Hall

Party Hall

Thadi engulfs a separate party hall for the big family parties and birthday celebrations. The area is much spacious to have a get-together for quite a bunch of people.

Thadi Amusing Lanterns