Six important ways to raise restaurant sales this summer

Summer is a season when restaurants are packed with utmost audience starting from the brunch hours until midnight. In this busiest time of the year, it becomes quite important to develop a strong marketing plan that can make your customer base rich alongside fatty sales figures. To ensure a healthy environment around, you must need to manage your restaurant team members accordingly so that they can serve the best out of them. Besides, proper marketing techniques should be planned and incorporated into the current schedule to make your restaurant the best ever.

There is bulk of options you can think of to promote your restaurant in a smart way like updating the online portal, posting latest blogs about fresh recipes, sharing images of the surroundings and a lot more. These simplest of ways are far more effective and worth in raising your restaurant summer sales than spending hundreds of pennies on advertising. Have a look over them.

Raise Your Restaurant Summer Sales by these Six Simple Ways

1. Update your Social & Official Page with Exciting Summer Varieties

Update your Social & Official Page with Exciting Summer Varieties

Today’s generation is very much cautious about the social pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Promoting your eatery over there would certainly be the best way of grabbing the customers attention. Update the social media with latest summer drinks, seasonal cocktails, lemonades, etc., What you need is to add three irresistibly strong ingredients of summer- fruit, ice, and color to the entire stuff and you are done. Images of trendy and cool summer drinks with light snacks would be simply perfect to have a glance upon.

2. Have a Review Sheet at the Counter

It’s a nice idea to have a review sheet at the billing counter so that customers can share their views about the restaurant as a whole including the food and aura. This helps in getting ideas about what are the preferences of people and what specific changes are required to be done for the betterment of the restaurant.

3. Offer Online Ordering to Increase Business

Another effective way of maintaining a good customer base is to offer online order service instead of taking manual orders. Writing down orders on a paper not only takes a lot of time and efforts, but also create chances of having errors.

Perceiving the graph of online ordering, it has been identified that receiving orders online avoids many potential issues and are 5-25 percent larger than phone-in orders.

4. Distribute Cards to Customers for Promoting your Online Business

The era of internet doesn’t require any physical reminder. Though, it is a good practice to distribute a postcard or a small flyer that lists a few of your menu items, your contact info and your website mentioning the note ‘order online’ to keep intact the potential buyers who traverse the town. This will give them an idea about the local hotels and information booths that exist near to your restaurant.

5. Summer Decors of the Restaurant

Summer Decors of the Restaurant

Summer season means funky colors, fresh flowers, and mild fragrance. If you have an outdoor dining space and you are thinking of options to give the area a decent funky look, try new plants, flowers, vases, coloured walls and umbrellas. These small properties act as eye-candies and attract customers a lot. You can plan innovative things that work in your budget and believe me if your ideas are unconventional, you can have a cool summer tune-up restaurant look in an economic figure.

An arrangement of different blooms every other week is one of the most interesting ideas you can endeavour in summer. It brings cheer to the coming faces.

6. Buzz About your Restaurant with Regular Blogs

Blogging is considered as an extremely strong tool to promote anything that you want, plus it creates a much significant impact on the audience in a pretty good manner as well. The same strategy you can apply to promote your restaurant as well. Take out the list of all the upcoming events about your restaurant, news, menu and more to update a regular column and a have buzz around.

Try to cover each and every aspect with fun pictures and share them with the public. This will improve your goodwill and give em’ a chance to think about the restaurant seriously.