Bali- The honeymoon destination for most of the couples? as it possesses a number of sensuous places that make them crazy at first sight.? This spot is all about an innovative, thriving gastronomy scene that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. When you will enter this tropical island, you will get to see an extraordinary culinary journey right in front of your eyes. Now, to enjoy all scrumptious and authentic meals, there are several themed-based restaurants with surprisingly astonishing looks that will make you awestruck.

The uniqueness of these eateries is that each of them conveys a certain kind of culture sense through its exquisite interior. So, the people, who are looking for a lovely destination, especially those who have just got married and planning for their honeymoon, then we recommend you Bali Island, where you can experience a palatable dining experience like no other. Therefore, skim through this ultimate list of the theme restaurants that will make your jaws drop!?

Check out these unique dining places in Bali and plan your holidays:

Tsavo Lion Restaurant


Imagine, you are dining in the company of the King of animals! You must have got goosebumps after imagining this. This fantasy comes true at Tsavo Lion Restaurant located at the Mara River Safari Lodge, which is home to many other safari animals, such as the rhino? and zebra. Here, you can enjoy the international cuisines from African to Asian to South American and there’s an only a full glass that separates you and the predators.

La Laguna


Looking for a place having eye-catching surrounding and stunning backdrop? La Laguna is the right place for you, which is nestled in front of the beach with its tranquil water and white sands. The whole ambience of this cafe is pleasurable along with mouth-watering food that will satisfy you easily.

Cosmic Diner


This restaurant will take you to the era of 60’s, having checkered floor, neon jukebox, red-cushioned steel bar stools and retro-decor that keeps your eyes busy. Here, you will find the classic American menu of burgers, shakes, waffles, pancakes, sandwiches, fries and coffee. Must try their Chocolate Trifecta Shake that served in a unique boot-shaped glass.

The Pirates Bay


The design of Pirate bay is a replica of a pirate ship with the perfect outdoor setting to catch the sea breeze, while hanging out at your chosen spot. The inspired set-ups like thatch-roofed beach huts, bonfires, tents and picket fences that remind you Robinson Crusoe, Jack Sparrow and everything “picturesque”.

Gardin Bistro


Dining at Gardin Bistro is just an amazing experience, having gothic glasshouse enclosed by lush greenery, where everything turns magical in the evenings when the pretty lights are on and you can see it directly from the glass ceiling. It offers a wide range of menus, such as sandwiches, salads and classic mains with an Asian twist to your European favourites.

Waka Floating Restaurant


Imagine, you’re dining on something incredibly delicate and fine, sipping on drinks and watching the sea view. The Waka Dinner Cruise does exactly this, here you can relax with your partner with welcome drinks that make you feel good. You’ll be able to enjoy local seafood, meats and salads under a star.

Man Shed


The bike lovers will surely appreciate this place as the whole concept of the restaurant has been designed keeping in mind people love for bikes. The walls are featured with old license plates, electrical fan covers, emergency lamps and much more. The menu offers a variety of dishes ranging from Chap Chai (Chinese style stir-fried mix of veggies) to steak, which is quite good.

Warung d’Sawah


It’s situated at the end of a long garden path, Warung d’Sawah is housed in a gorgeous traditional Balinese bamboo joglo, having expansive green fields. Young girls in ceremonial costumes perform classical Balinese dances? on weekends and special evenings.