There are so many strange things around the world, in which some are natural and some are man-made. Out of all weird things, few are interesting and few are difficult to understand. In this blog, we are talking about the unusual restaurants placed across the world, that are astounding and strange, and we assure that you will be really surprised and enjoying while reading this amazing blog.

Today, the restaurant is one of the places, where everyone wants to go with their friends and families. There are many restaurants, having a spectacular design, architecture and other things also, that are liked by everyone, especially those restaurants, which are theme-based with some unusual, but a fascinating theme. So, we are sharing the top 15 unusual restaurants in the world that spread weirdness around the world.

The list of top 15 unusual restaurants in the world:

Barbie Cafe, Taipei, Taiwan


Want to go in the Barbie world? Then, the Barbie Cafe is for you, which has been opened in Taipei, Taiwan. It is the first barbie-themed restaurant with hot pink sofas, high heels shaped tables and chairs are decorated by tutus (a female ballet dancer’s costume). This is the dream of those (including me), who are fans of the Barbie doll would visit this restaurant for a once in their life.

To know more about Barbie Cafevisit here

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan


The toilet-themed restaurant is one of the strangest and most unique restaurants in the world. Here, you sit on toilets instead of seats and they serve drinks in urinal-shaped cups, meals in ceramic toilet bowls and dessert is served in squat toilets. If you ever go to Taipei, then visit this restaurant.

To know more about the Modern Toilet Restaurant- visit here

New Lucky Restaurant, Ahemdabad, India


The New Lucky restaurant is situated at Lal Darwaza in Ahmedabad and the most unusual thing about this restaurant is that, it serves food beside the coffins. Earlier, this place was used as graveyards and rather to pull out the graves, the owner Mr. Krishan Kutti opened a restaurant and made sitting arrangements in the space available between the graves and believes that the presence of these graves has been great for his business.

To know more about the New Lucky Restaurant: visit here

Twin Stars Diner, Moscow, Russia


It is the restaurant, where you always get one deal. Located in Moscow, which only hires twins as staff members. The twins wear same clothes during the time of serving. The theme of this restaurant has based on a movie called Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors.

To know more about the Twin Star Restaurant: visit here

Dinner in the Sky, Location worlwide


The unusual restaurant with a concept of dinner in the sky, where foods are served 160-180 feet suspended in the air. The diners and waiters are raised by means of cranes along with a large dining table. This amazing and exclusive experience of dining is present in many cities around the world. To celebrate a special occasion, it is also available for that.

To know more about the Dinner in the Sky- visit here

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives


An underwater dinner is something strange thing, but whenever you experience it, this will take you another level amusement. Ithaa Underwater restaurant, which is five meters below sea level at the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa. Here, advance bookings are necessary.

Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant, Phillippines

VillaEscuderoWaterfalls Restaurant Phillippines

Whenever, we hear the name of the waterfall, which is the most majestic and mysterious sites in the world, we little bit afraid. The Villa Escudero Waterfalls restaurant in San Pablo City in the Phillippines provides an experience for their customers with the roaring of waterfalls during the lunch which is something strange. Here, customers can enjoy local dishes with running water over their feet.

Ninja, New York


This restaurant is based on ninja theme and the servers here dress up as masked ninjas that offer classic foods. The two ninjas welcome you into the restaurant, out of two, one will tell a simple way and the other offers a dark and dangerous. Here customers get entertained through these ninjas.

Safe House, Wisconsin


The another restaurant, which gives you OMG moment! Weird restaurant, based on spy-themed, where customers’ do not get an entry in a simple way. They need to know the secret code, otherwise according to the bouncer’s directions, they have to do the chicken dance, hoola hoop or anything.

D.S Music Restaurant, Tapei


By getting the name of this restaurant, you might be thinking of a graceful and stylish restaurant, which draws inspiration from good music, but in actual, what you get is a total shocker, because there’s nothing pleasant and musical about this place. The waitresses wear nurses uniform, bathrooms are marked as “the emergency room”, drinks are offered in an IV bottle and customers are get served on an operating table.

The Chillout Lounge, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dining out with hot food in the middle of summer in Dubai is something daunting. While, dining in extremely freeze weather looks strange at The Chillout Lounge. With hot soups, beverages, and other dishes, however, sitting in sub-zero temperature is extremely adventurous. Here, the seats and table are made up of ice and for that the restaurant offers jackets, gloves, shoes and socks for the dining experience.

Dans Le Noire, London, England


The restaurant in complete darkness having a French-inspired dishes with intense flavours, aromas and textures. The staff members are blind and customers have to choose from color-coded menus.

Dicks Last Resort, Las Vegas and Chicago


A restaurant, which is well known for its bad quality with its absolutely unpleasant staff. According to their website, “Dick is an ornery, politically incorrect curmudgeon who dishes out good grub, cold booze and heaping helpings of sarcasm”. The dishes offer messy ribs, catfish and crab legs.

Cannibalistic Restaurant, Japan


The Cannibalistic restaurant is the weirdest restaurants in the world, which serves food on naked women’s body. The woman on the table has to stay still for hours until guests finish their meals. Her eyes are closed, lips are sealed and for a while she seems almost unreal.

Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas


The restaurant follows strict “no green” policy, which means you wouldn’t find any green or healthy vegetables or ingredients in the food. The founder of grill’s has something special to tell his customers,

“Don’t come to my restaurant, it is bad for you and will kill you”.