Barbie- An elegant, beautiful, stunning, and a fashion icon, which is always willing to try out new style trend. And, it is wonderful to know that the Barbie Cafe– a bubbly pink restaurant based on the Barbie theme is located in Taipei, Taiwan. This cafe has been authorized by Mattel, the U.S.A. toy manufacturing company and also the owner of a Barbie Cafe. According to the company, the cafe will promote Barbie as a fashion brand in Taipei, which is a shopping area of the city. The Barbie Cafe is one of the unusual restaurants in the world.

Now, we are making you familiar with the unique Barbie Cafe specialities, that you will have never heard before:



Interior of the Cafe


  • The company has designed the cafe while keeping a noteworthy thing in mind that it should be based on the Barbie theme, as its interior has been highlighted by pink color that renders a pretty aspect for everyone.
  • Chairs are decorated with attractive tutu (a female ballet dancer’s costume) and red corset lacing.
  • Walls present the Barbie pictures showing off many stylish outfits. In the cafe, there is a life Barbie box, for those customers, who want to feel like a real Barbie doll.
  • Here, the female waitresses are dressed in a pink outfit with complete tutus and the male attendants are dressed like a Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken.



Menu Card


Now, talking about its menu, the dishes are cooked by the professionals, which include

  • Colorful Macaroon Cookies
  • Hazelnut Tiramisu
  • Philadelphia Steak
  • Salmon Beauty Salad
  • An Ornate Barbie Cake
  • The Barbie 128, a pink drink

Mr. Iggy Yip, a Senior Manager of a company said,

“We picked Taiwan because theme restaurants are very popular and successful here. We are very confident that the   Barbie Cafe can promote our brand image”.

It is the first Barbie-themed restaurant in the world and currently the most attractive cafe in the city. Because of such lovely and cute place, the dream comes true of many fans, who are being in love with a Barbie.