The Modern Toilet Restaurant is one of the most unusual restaurants in the world, which has become popular with a pace across the world. There are many outlets of this restaurant in Taipei, but the restaurant, which is located in the Ximending district is one of the largest in out of all these. It is a strange moment that you’re eating in your bathroom, instead of your kitchen or dining room.

So, what’s so special about the Modern Toilet Restaurant? Lets see here:


Interior of the restaurant


  • The decor of the restaurant is out of this world as the walls are decorated with the flashy colored bathroom tiles and each table is illuminated with orange flourescent light.
  • A big sink with a piece of clear glass on top, whereas shower head and faucet tap are connected from the sink and hung on the walls as a decoration.
  • The chairs are real toilet bowls, fitted with a sparkly plastic toilet seat and cover.
  • To make things more bizarre, they served meals in the bowls, which are in the form of mini toilet bowls, urinals or in the bathtubs that you used in your bathroom.

Dishes are served in the toilet bowl


  • The dishes, which they offer to their customers are:
  1. The Braised Chicken
  2. Kimchi hot pot with rice
  3. Curry dishes
  4. “Poo” ice cream
  • The cost of the meal for 2 persons about New Taiwan $600, which is an average basic meal at most of the fast food restaurants.


It’s a weird thing that to eat in a bathroom, but it is somehow quite amusing to dine out in such type of themed restaurant, where you’re served in mini toilet bowls, bathtub and more. And, it’s a good thing that people of Taiwan come up with a wacky and trendy ideas. So, must visit once in your life to experience such bizarre moment.