Imagine, you’re taking dinner in a restaurant, where the whole interior consists of ice. After hearing this, most people will be shocked, but it’s true. The Chillout Lounge is situated in Dubai, UAE was established in 2007 by the Sharaf Group, which is the first ice lounge in the Middle East. Later on, a few major changes had done to create a place at a subzero temperature.

Due to its unusual architecture, it has now become an eye-catching destination for thousand of tourists, who visit Dubai, as the restaurant depicts an interesting combination of ice, glass and steel. The ambiance glows up with colorful light that keep changing at certain interval of time, makes it graceful. Such elements show the intelligence and unique concept of the engineers.


Now you may be thinking that, is it possible to experience dining in such type of unusual restaurant? Yes, it’s. There are some conditions that have to be followed by the guest. The visitors must wear thermal clothes that are provided by the hotel management, including a hooded parka (a heavy jacket), woolen gloves, shoesand socks to keep themselves warm while in the minus six degrees. Guests are advised to spend some time in a buffer zone area (an area, where the temperature is set at 5 degree Celsius) so that they can adjust their body, before proceeding to the main lounge. Talking about the children, those who are under 1 year of age, are not allowed. However, its parent’s decision whether, they like to take their children into the lounge or not.


This dine-out is charged according to the age like for adults, it costs AED 75 (approx. INR.1350), for children age b/w 5 to 13 years, it costs AED 35 (approx. INR. 630) and below the age of 5, they are free to visit. These charges are only the entry fee that includes a welcome drink and thermal clothes, except that all the things are chargeable.

The menu items that is offered to the customers are hot soups, sandwiches, juices, hot chocolates, coffee, tea and a variety of desserts, mocktails and many others. Running this type of concept, Chillout lounge is a first restaurant, which serves these type of food and beverages. If you want to know, what-else is served, then check out its official website and click on the menu section. You will get all its menu details.

The visitors can do pre-bookings or can directly visit the Chillout Lounge, located at the ground level of the Times Square Center on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.