There is no relief from the scorching sun as summer is still going on and to bear this, it’s very necessary to have some cool and refreshing drinks. During the heat of the summer, it’s not obvious that you crave for a cold drink to cool you off. There are many other non-alcoholic drinks that are amazing not only in taste, but in appearance too, and surely compel you to take a sip at least for once. Most of the people think that cocktails are the symbol of the elegance in the parties and without them, parties are unattractive, but this is not true. You can indulge yourself in the parties with the non-booze drinks, which give the same level of fun and enjoyment.

There are some fruity, tart, sweet, sparkling and cool summer sippers for every occasion that hit the place on a super-warm day. Therefore, we are providing refreshing non-alcoholic drinks to keep you by by the pool of this summer and you will love long after the season over. So, get ready to find out your favourite summer quencher from the list and take a long, cool sip.

A collection of the best mocktails that are completely brimmed with the classic flavours:

Papaya Lassi with Cardamom


You all have tasted simple and Mango Lassi but have you ever tasted a Papaya Lassi? Full of sweetness and tang, this amazing drink, will take you the subcontinent.

Hibiscus Ginger Punch


This one is the most delicious drinks for the parties as it puts a colorful sparkle in your celebrations. So, try it in your next party.

Watermelon-Lime Agua Fresca


A light, cooling fruit drink that refreshes you with full energy. Having delicious and wonderful taste giving a feeling of relaxation.

Caffe Shakerato


The Italian beverages that captured your hearts this summer. So, get ready for shaking another refreshing espresso drink in your kitchen, the Caffe Shakerato.

Vietnamese Egg Soda


Have you ever heard raw eggs in the mocktails? But, yes in this soda, it has and better than in sounds. It tastes like a rich, custard, ice cream soda.

Coconut-Rice Cooler


Everyone wants a little refreshment after doing a work and for that, this one is the best drink. If you really want to unwind or want to serve it at a party, then you can flavour it with a rum!!

West African Finger Drink


A new favorite summer cooler- West African Ginger Drink having a unique taste of each and every ingredient that are present in it. This one is incredibly refreshing and energizing.

Boba & Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

Try this new type of tea at home, yummy in taste and flavorful. We wish, you will enjoy this ultimate tea at your first sip.

Matcha Green Tea Shake


Relish your afternoon time with a shake made from Matcha, the Japanese powdered green tea. Blend it with milk, sugar and ice.

Icy Cool Cochata


You’re unfamiliar with this drink as you’ve never heard the name before. It’s the perfect combination of iced coffee with creamy, sweet, spiced Horchota. It also has been called as a simple Coffee Horchota.