As we all know that, summer is back in India and temperature will increase more day by day so, in this rising temperature, we all need chill and bracing summer drinks that satisfy our thirst to keep us cool during the extremely hot days. The best option during these hot days is to prepare homemade, healthy and refreshing drinks.

Most of the people recommend to drink water as much as you can, because it can help you to stay hydrated and cool off your body, but for these things, other refreshing, juicy and lip-smacking beverages are there too. Therefore, in this season, have some fun in your kitchen by making summer drinks and enjoy with your family and friends. And, for your ease, we are sharing some chill beverages that will make your summer awesome.

Collection of 10 refreshing summer drinks:

Masala Chacch/ Buttermilk


Dahi + Water + Ginger + Cumin seeds + Pepper corns + Normal salt + Mint leaves + Chaat masala (optional) + Ice cubes (optional).

Sweet Lassi


Yogurt + Sugar + Dry fruits +  Saffron leaves or rose drops (optional) + Ice cubes.

Mango Juice


Fresh mango + Sugar + Water + Icecubes.

Kairi ki Chaach/ Panha


Kairi + Jaggery or Sugar + Cumin seeds + Peepermint powder + Normal salt + Chili powder + Black salt + Ice cubes.

Cold Coffee


Cold milk + Boiling water + Coffee powder + Cream + Sugar + Ice cubes + Scoop of chocolate or any ice cream (optional).

Iced Tea


Simple Iced Tea

Black tea bags + Sugar + Ice cubes + Water + Mint (optional).

Fruity Iced Tea

Black tea bags + Diced fruit + Sugar + Sugar syrup + Lemon Juice + Ice cubes + Water + Mint leaves.

Strawberry Iced Tea

Black tea bags + Sugar + Ice cubes + Water + Leaves of mint + Pureed strawberries + Whole strawbeeries.

Vanilla Iced Green Tea

Sencha tea + Sugar + Ice cubes + Water + Mint leaves + Honey + Lemon juice + Scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Jal Jeera


Cumin seeds + Mint leaves + Fresh coriander leaves + Lemon juice + Black salt + Chilled water + Sugar.

Ice cream Float


Soda + Ice cream + Ice cream sccop + Whipped cream + Candy or nuts.

Orange Juice


Oranges + Honey + Water.

Strawberry Lemonade


Water + Lemon juice + Sugar + Strawberries + Ice (optional) Lemon slices, mint, sliced strawbeeries, chocolate mint (optional).

Sugargane Juice


Sugarcane + Mint leaves + Lemon + Black salt + Ice cubes.