Dr. Nandita Shah, a famous Homeopathic doctor, who recommends eating instinct food so that, we all are far away from diseases, which lies in our daily variety of food. Preparing and planning meals at home are always a second-handed concept. We have learnt all these things from our mother, grandmother and also a mother-in-law.

By learning something new and trying at home, which is one of the best options from which we can prevent diseases. Dr. Shah told that,

“We eat according to our intellect not our distinct. Lions don’t eat grass and cows have no preference for meat. But we put everything in our mouth. If we eat using instinct, it’s hard to get sick”.

Dr. Shah realized one thing that, in her 30 years of practice, medicine was not the answer to good health. She said,

“Vegetarians get the same diseases as non-vegetarians, so it isn’t just meat. I would give medicines to patients and they would come back to me in two to three months with the same problem- they never really got rid of it”.

According to her, there are four important reasons of disease that are in our daily diet: excess of fat in meals, a surplus of protein, lack of fiber and we are intake many calories from food such as white rice, sugar, oil, and flour.

“Oil is completely processed, it has empty calories and that’s why it should be avoided”

said by Dr. Shah.

Dr. Shah is specialized in holistic health and nutrition. She also hosts master class, where she prepares delicious food items from falafel to vegetable biriyani without any using a drop of oil.