Coffee– A drink that makes everyone blissful. When you wake up in the morning and in front of you, there is a cup of steamy coffee, at that time a sweet smile comes on your face automatically. Many of us refer coffee as an energy boosting drink. For those who can’t work properly in the morning, a cup of coffee is a key.

Coffee has many benefits in our life and it can help people to be more positive in life and also believes that it is very good for the brain that’s why most of the people prefer to drink coffee rather than tea. To take more advantage of this beverage, start drinking two to four cups a day. Some of the famous hot coffees, we are listing here, so must see them and try at once to make your day joyful.

List of Hot Coffees:

Cafe Americano


Made with a single or double-shot of espresso, which is mixed with a small amount of hot water.



A strong black coffee that brewed by forcing hot water at high pressure.

Flat White


An espresso based drink, that originates in New Zealand.

Caffe Latte


A family drink in Italy, which is combined of steamed milk and espresso.



King of Italian espresso, consists of espresso, steamed milk, foamed milk and to get more flavour on it, you can sprinkle cinnamon or chocolate flakes on the top.

Cafe Breve


It is a kind of cappuccino, made up of half & half milk, instead of whole milk.

Caffe Mocha


Sweet drink just like a caffe latte or cappuccino mixed with chocolate syrup.



Cafe au Lalit


French breakfast drink, comprised of strong brewed and steamed milk.

Irish Coffee


One of the alcoholic and hot coffee drinks. It is best for the winter, as it is a hot drink with the alcohol. Made up of Irish whisky and sprinkled any cream on the top.