Imagine, you are in a restaurant for a dinner and at the time of ordering, the two servers instead of one come towards you as twins and both together serve dishes on your table as well, it’s just something strange and interesting too. So, let’s introduce you one of such restaurants known as the Twin Star Restaurant in Moscow, where only twins get hired as the staff members.

Here, we are sharing you some more information about this restaurant:


Twins Serve Dishes


  • It is an exclusive restaurant in Moscow that has been become famous, because of its staff, which are purely twins.
  • They have to wear the same dress during ordering and serving the food to the customers.
  • The restaurant offers delicious and delectable unique food that are extremely tasty.
  • The concept of the restaurant has been taken from the 1964 Soviet film known as “Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors”.

Final Words:

At last, we are just saying that visit this restaurant once to get served with twins, which enhance your enjoyment and it’s the best place for those who are a twin, because this place will accept you both just the way you are.